Canna Bumps new product or service is criticized by the cannabis industry

In response to Cannabis Bumps’ new product or service, the cannabis industry criticizes this new product.

canna bumps

In the cannabis industry, quite a few were infected when news broke that a California cannabis company had produced a cannabis inhalant that fit into an unnecessarily-recreational category.

Canna Bumps, conceived by THC Living, are white powder packets containing 600 milligrams of THC. The Haymaker column by Leafly senior editor Bruce Barcott led the demand to uncover the mystery of the things that seemingly had been pulled from sale as suddenly as they appeared.

In response to his inquiries from THC Life, it’s lawyer sent the following, declining to elaborate: Our client was approached several months ago by a third party who was seeking to use our client’s proprietary formulations in the creation of a product called Canna Bumps. Within a matter of minutes after our client learned more about Canna Bumps, it quickly assessed what its shoppers and field employees thought of it.

The client has decided due to its individual concerns, the concerns of people, and the misgivings of the market to terminate any licenses it granted to 3rd parties who might use its proprietary information to deliver or market place a merchandise such as Canna Bump.

canna bumps cannabis customers

Basically, there are a little number of cannabis customers out there that would like practically nothing far better than to duplicate the experience of railing traces with a large-valued dollar bill.

Our comments to those looking at this are: Yuck. However, make sure to pay attention to detail. 

Although little information is available on how THC snuff may affect our health and fitness, there is a large amount of information available on the deleterious effects of medications that society approves, such as tobacco and alcohol.

Yet it can be questioned regardless of whether Canna Bumps was authorized to become started out. What prompted it to get passed the Bureau of Cannabis Management?

It is illegal to consume cannabis using one’s nasal cavity – does that make these products illegal? A further detail the item description mentioned in Weedmaps (which weedmaps has since removed) indicated that every single 10mg Bump contributed 2mgs of THC. Who the hell makes the other 6mgs? I think this is suspicious.

“Canna Bumps isn’t just a advertising and marketing pitch absent awry,” Barcott continued. “It’s actively facilitating the danger and damage that tens of millions of People confront every single day [from the War on Drugs.]”

Leafly senior editor, Bruce Barcott

The problem with the short lived bump baggage, in Barcott’s opinion, was not the consequences it might have on full consenting older people, but rather the impression it could possibly give to the cannabis legalization movement. 

“Prohibitionists’ propaganda deck has still been replete with idiotic items like these,” he writes, comparing Canna Bumps to child-engaging merchandise like cannabis-infused Bitter Patch Kids.