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Contact Us At – is a rapidly expanding our active Canadian MoM Dispensary partners as well as their cannabis product promotions, coupons, deals, discounts, news, comparisons, reviews, et al. 420 Hubs is a Canadian Mail order Marijuana dispensary listings supersite with an active month to month scaling growth in unique visitors and converting Canadian Cannabis customers. Our audience is almost exclusively Canadian with the vast majority of our traffic coming from organic keyword searches from Google focused on transactional intent from targeted cannabis buyers and enthusiasts.

420Hubs is offering Special Promotional Packages to Dispensary partners on a first come, first serve basis into next year, 2022.  Pricing is subject to change as our supply [Target Market] scales, as well as demand from Dispensary Partners.  Get Targeted Enterprise Level Marketing to engaged, Canadian Cannabis consumers on a Daily Basis from a standard 420 Hubs Listing Package & additional Monthly Promo Packages, such as Social Media Marketing.

Basic Listing Package

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420 Hubs - Basic Listing Package

* Dispensary Listing on 420 Hubs - Promoted to Highly Targeted Canadian Cannabis Audiences.
* Dispensary Page w/ logo, description and powerful seo do-follow links.
* Managed Coupon Listings w/ image, description and do-follow deep links.
* Backend Access to update, add, & edit Dispensary Coupons and Info. (if desired)
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  • Front Page Featured Coupons Listing +$69/mo

    * One Front Page Fixed Coupon Placement under "Featured Coupons"
    * Navigational Menu Shortcut to Your Dispensary Coupons Page
    * Must be a Vendor Partner with Listing Package

  • Front Page Featured Dispensary Listing +$99/mo

    * One Front Page Fixed Store Logo Ad Placement under "Featured Dispensaries"
    * Navigational Menu Shortcut to Dispensary Website
    * Must be a Vendor Partner with Listing Package

  • Sponsored Blog Article +$69/per

    * Cannabis/CBD/Dispensary Related Content only!
    * Up to 1000 word count with a max of 3 do-follow backlinks
    * Exposure on Homepage Insights & News Section
    * Must be a Vendor Partner with Listing Package

  • Social Media Marketing +$195/mo

    * Reach a Highly Engaged, Highly Targeted Canadian Cannabis Audience on our Growing Social Channels!
    * Instagram, Twitter & Reddit, CanadianMoM Forum & Discord Marketing Channels!
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    * Dispensary Website & Coupons direct links added to 420Hubs synced with Instagram!
    * Must be a Vendor Partner with Listing Package

420 Hubs Social Audience Extension

Social Promoitions

Get Featured Posts on 420 Hubs Social Media Channels
$ 195 Monthly
  • Dispensary Listing Coupons Syndicated Weekly to 420Hubs Twitter Audience @420CouponsCodes
  • Dispensary Listed in sync'd to Instagram @canadian_mom_coupons
  • Dispensary Coupons Syndicated to Online Cannabis Communities

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