CAKED Cannabis Craft Strains

Craft Cannabis Strains By CAKED

Enjoy a delightful bliss with Caked Cannabis Brand; produced deep in the center of the British Columbian Kootenays. CAKED produces and cultivates the absolute highest grade designer mail order marijuana.


CAKED Cannabis Strains
Get an exclusive SNEAK PEAK at the CAKED Cannabis Strains of expert curated, cannabis flower, offered in 7 gram [a quarter ounce] batches / bags.

Caked cannabis & extracts are one of Canada’s top leaders in high quality, terpene made products with marijuana flower. Premium extracts from high quality processes delivering end results.  CAKED has decades of expertise and bring Kootany’s top extractors &  cultivars together provide Caked, premium cannabis strains.

“A legacy in cannabis is worn like a badge of honor, it can’t be bought, taken, traded or copied”

Mac 1 Strain by CAKED Cannabis

About CAKED Cannabis

Canadian Crafted by CAKED

Driven by Canadian Cannabis Experts that have been game for decades. The evolving cannabis culture in Canada is carved in CAKED DNA. They have been on a mission for the perfect pheno, producing the next level in cannabis genetics and continue upping the bar with solventless extracts. Whether you seek a new flavour profile, new stunning appearances, vibrant colours, or keep up the hunt for the perfect Strain potency. CAKED Brand has exotic, grown in living soil, quad buds served in 7 gram small batches. CAKED Cannabis continues to engineer the high grade cannabis possible. 
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New Strain Releases by CAKED

Very nice! Caked has pushed the boundaries of cannabis cultivation and grown the most desired designer weed strains in Canada.  CAKED showcases the highest quality in extracts & flowers; but their team is just as top-notch. They work with a network of British Columbia growers using fine organic living soil. The CAKED Cannabis brand of designer strains will make you fall in Love and feel need to display the finest marijuana buds. Organic living soil has been the best kept secret ingredient around to growing the best tasting Marijuana in Canada!
Join the CAKED Official Launch in Canada in May, 2022. Word is that they are having a Gigantic Giveaway! Perhaps with chances to receive various gear exclusive to the CAKED Cannabis Official Launch.

CAKED Cannabis Strains

Biscotti OG Strain by CAKED Canada
Biscotti OG Strain
Pink Gelato 33 at CAKED Cannabis
Pink Gelato 33
Orange Apricot Cookies Strain by CAKED Canada
Orange Apricot Cookies
Cold Cured Hash Rosin | MAGMA
CAKED Magma Strains

As they continue to define their own grading terms, the CAKED Extracts products are setting a new standard for cannabis quality in Canada. MAGMA refers to their freshly frozen, cold, cured, hash rosin. CAKED Hash Resin is protecting the terpenes with the cold temperatures, MAGMA is entirely chemical and solvent free using heat, pressure & ice water as the only means of extraction throughout the entire process. This may be the best it gets!
Biscotti OG Magma at CAKED Canada
Biscotti Hash Rosin
Biscotti OG Magma at CAKED Canada
Biscotti Magma
Traphouse Magma Hash Rosin
Traphouse Hash Rosin

510 Thread Hash Rosin Carts

CAKED Brand proprietary Magma is also available packaged up into Vape Cartridges. MAGMA carts allow you to easily bringing your cannabis extract on the go in 500 mg Hash Rosin Vape Cartridges. Enjoy the highly potent & a truly unique high without sacrificing flavour by using any 510 thread Vape battery.
510 Thread Hash Rosin Carts by CAKED Canada
Peanut Butter Breath Vape Cartridges

CAKED Shatter

Enjoy Premium Shatter online with the Nelson, BC Canada based CAKED Cannabis brand that specializes in crafting the best quality concentrates with incredible tasty flavours and consistency across it’s brand. CAKED does not mass produce any of their concentrates. every batch is given the same amount of personal care, touch and effort during its creation. Find CAKED Shatter, live resin, THCa Diamonds; all clean, lab tested, cannabis extracts available online in Canada

The Best Hash Rosin in Canada

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CAKED Cannabis Engineering

If you must know, the perfect vegetation environment starts with the perfect soil; CAKED’s unique living organic soil mixture allows them to grow plants in soil with a biomass, organically.

It’s with this biologically active mixture where each is adjusted to accordingly to every plant’s needs and allows the CAKED cultivars to optimize the growth environment to mimic the best natural atmosphere for each designer strain.

Enjoy a peak and experience designer Cannabis grown by the leading Canadian Subject Matter Experts known to produce the finest Craft Buds.  The Engineering and Cultivation process at CAKED are carefully crafted from Pheno Hunting to Proprietary Cold Curing processes all the way up until The Squish!

Pheno Hunt
Organic Living Soil
Regional Greenhouses Cannabis Growing
CAKED cold cure
Hash by CAKED Canada
The Final Press Squish - Concentrates & Extracts by CAKED
Traphouse weed by CAKED

CAKED Cannabis Cultivation

The CAKED soil mixture is maintained a secret deep within the CAKED genetic labs. This organic collection is considered a major component in crafting the best designer cannabis in Canada. This is one of the most differentiating factors of what makes CAKED Cannabis so exciting.

After the grows reach their peak potential, each strain is harvested and the bud is cold cured at controlled humidity & temperatures for 14-16 days.

CAKED hang dries their Cannabis flowers to help the flower slowly shed excess moisture while preserving the oils & curing the terpenes to their final profile potential.