Mota Presents: Halloween Treats for Your Spooky Candy Bowl! Trip or Treat!

Mota Edibles Halloween Treats Trip or Treat? 🎃

Its 🎃  Spooky Season 🎃  at Mota, and we’re celebrating with NEW Halloween Edibles for the candy bowl! 

Now available online for a limited time, while supplies last.

Mota Halloween Treats
Mota Halloween Treats

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Coupon Code: lq16ilseko – 10% off your first order!
Mota Cannabis products – 10% off your first order!

Mota Edibles: Halloween

Trick or Treat Jellies

Beware! These jellies have 40mg of THC per piece, 120mg THC/bag.

These spooky jellies feature grape, orange and strawberry banana flavours, 3 pieces per package.

Chill out with Chilling Chocolates

Perfect for the milk chocolate lover and made with THC distillate for optimal flavour! These chocolates are a hybrid, with 40mg of THC per piece, 120mg THC/bag.

Uh oh, Scaryeos!

These crunchy cookies are smothered in milk chocolate, at 100mg THC per cookie. Conveniently cut into pieces or enjoy an entire cookie, if you dare! *For the experienced cannabis lover.

Zombies, attack! 

Room 920 Zoomie Zombie Jellies contain 500mg of psilocybin, 2 pieces and 1000mg per package. These spooky bites are perfect for those looking to experiment the world of Halloween!