When searching online for the best quality or cheapest online weed dispensary in Canada, it’s important to do your research, read dispensary reviews and find the best dank for your buck! In addition to browsing 420 Hubs for syndicated coupons to your favourite Canadian MoMs, there are plenty of resources to find user discussion & reviews on cannabis deals and dispensaries. Whether you are browsing WeedMaps, Leafly, Reddit, Canadian MoM forums or 420 Groups or Social Channels, it’s important to know many reviews are incentivized where the author is getting an incentive to post, a most likely positive, review.

In other scenarios, you may notice negative reviews that could be misplaced blame depending on the circumstances, such as delivery holdups. Always you may or may not notice SHILL accounts complimenting, discouraging, and engaging with social bookmarks. Always make sure you do your own due diligence and even engage with others in these different communities to discuss & review Dispensaries you have had a positive or negative experience with.

Canadian MoM Reviews

Canadian MoM [Mail order Marijuana] shops online provide some of the best quality and cheapest weed in Canada. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online dispensaries across Canada, so it is important to due your own due diligence, Read Reviews, and do your best to avoid any scams. We have taken the time to syndicate many customer reviews from trusted Canadian MoMs in the community so that you can browse easily and make the correct choice for yourself before making any purchases at online dispensaries. If you are hesitant, feel free to engage with others in the community on Reddit or other social channels to gain better opinions or feedback from experiences at various dispensaries.

BC Bud Supply Reviews

bcbudsupply Dispensary couponsCanadians can buy weed at affordable prices with BC Bud Supply discount’s, on their safe, reliable, and secure online platform. They have direct relationships with cannabis producers, so they are able to provide you with products of the highest quality, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and CBD products. Having a long-lasting relationship with their customers is their priority, so if you’re searching for an online mail order marijuana dispensary to purchase high quality weed, look no further and join the BC Bud Supply community today.

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BC Bud Supply Recent Feedback [updates daily]
BCBudSupply Reviews
BCBudSupply Reviews – Tom Ford – AAAA – 3.5g

BCMediChronic Reviews

BC Medi Chronic understands the importance of quality, so they only carry the best varieties of medical marijuana. Their online marijuana store offers both quality and selection. Their huge selection of fan favourites and brand new flavours is constantly updated. Canadian sourced edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, extracts, high-quality sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Medical marijuana is their passion, just like yours. 

Use Coupon Code: “newdomain20” for 20% off your next order!
BC Medi Chronic Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Peanut Butter Breath Strain - BC MediChronic
Peanut Butter Breath Strain - BC MediChronic
Peanut Butter Breath Strain – BC MediChronic

Bhang-Bhang Reviews

Bhang-Bhang ReviewsBhang Bhang Dispensary offers a variety of Cannabis flowers and infused goods such as edibles, shatter, extracts, rosin, and accessories! Bhang-Bhang Canada is a conscious boutique cannabis store that believes in wellness benefits with a mission to provide better quality goods to Canadians! With a variety of promotions, you can find Bhang-Bhang Discount Codes to discount already Dank savings!

Enjoy Bhang-Bhang Coupon Code: “BHANG20” for 20% off your first order!
Bhang-Bhang Recent Feedback [updates daily]
Bhang-Bhang Cannabis Review
Bhang-Bhang Cannabis Review

Bud99 Reviews

Bud99 CouponsBud99 Dispensary may be Canada’s cheapest mail order marijuana dispensary with one simple goal: to offer the highest quality medical marijuana products at the lowest prices possible! Bud 99 Canada offers the largest selection of $99 and under products that are directly sourced from various growers, which allows them to provide affordable, quality medications at the LOWEST prices to all Canadians. With secure, discrete and safe shipping directly to your door, they provide you with the best online shopping experience.

Enjoy and apply Bud99 Coupon Codes to save even more on already cheap prices!
Bud99 Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Bud 99 Unboxing & review

BudCargo Reviews

BudCargo CouponsBudCargo is a secure online Dispensary in Canada that provides craft cannabis, concentrates, CBD and Vape products. You can always find cheap weed discounts with the handful of BudCargo Promo Codes to discount your order! Be sure to enter their Monthly Giveaway Contests for Free Weed, Store Credit and more!

Enjoy BudCargo Coupon Code: “BUD20OFF” for 20% off Cannabis Flower!
BudCargo Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Pineapple Express * Bud Cargo * October
Pineapple Express – Bud Cargo

BudLyft Reviews

budlyft DispensaryWhen you buy marijuana online at BudLyft, you can sit back and relax knowing that your order will arrive at your door quickly and hassle-free. BudLyft carefully curates every product to meet your needs. You can find cannabis for medicinal purposes or premium quality products for recreational use at BudLyft! They offer an array of cannabis flower strains (including top quality indicas, sativas, and hybrid varieties), cannabis edibles, concentrates (hashish, shatter, sauce, kief), tinctures, CBD products, and vape pens.

Discover a variety of Budlyft Coupon Codes such as “HASH20” for 20% off hash & Kief.
BudLyft Recent Feedback [updates daily]

    No feed items found.

BudLyft Canada Reviews
BudLyft Canada Reviews

BuyLowGreen Reviews

Buy Low Green Dispensary coupon codesBuy Low Green Dispensary offers the convenient mail order marijuana service in Canada, everyone should be able to receive the best quality cannabis products at the cheapest prices. Shop online with the best Canadian dispensary! Get craft cannabis flower, edibles, and concentrates from the comfort of your own home! When you buy weed online with BuyLowGreen Canada, your experience is safe, reliable, and secure.

Enjoy this 15% off Coupon Code: “420HUBS” at Buy Low Green!
BuyLowGreen Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Rockstar OG - Buy Low Green - April
Rockstar OG Strain – Buy Low Green

BuyWeedPacks Reviews

buyweedpacks couponsBuyWeedPacks is a Canadian wholesale dispensary that offers mail order marijuana. Their cannabis strains are available for all medical conditions, and their prices are guaranteed to be low. Their deliveries are safe and secure across Canada. They deliver high-quality cannabis right to your door. BuyWeedPacks promos are quality cannabis products and customer satisfaction.  Over the years, they have built relationships with many different growers who provide a wide variety of quality at an affordable price. In addition, BWP stands behind the quality of their cannabis products.

Enjoy this BuyWeedPacks 5% off Discount Code: “familydiscount
BuyWeedPacks Recent Feedback [updates daily]

BuyWeedPacks – Cactus Breath

Cannabismo Reviews

Cannabismo Dispensary Canada CouponsCannabismo Dispensary in Canada offers a wide variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Weed strains at varying prices according to your preference. Their online weed dispensary also offers a wide range of edibles and concentrates. You can buy weed online from their collection that offers top notch quality and affordabilityCannabismo Discounts and great customer service will deliver premium quality products in a safe and timely manner. They will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied when you choose them as your online dispensary in Canada.

As a gift to you, receive 15% off your order when you apply Cannabismo Coupon Code: “420HUBS” at checkout.
Cannabismo Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Creamsicle—Cannabismo—Sep25
Creamsicle Strain— Cannabismo

CannabudPost Reviews

CannaBudPost Coupon Code for $15 off your next orderCannabudPost is an online dispensary based in British Columbia. Their company is a leading provider of cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vape products. In addition to CBD products, they have a wide selection of pain relief products. Over 20,000 Canadians call CannabudPost their dispensary of choice. All CannabudPost items are shipped in smellproof boxes. All of Cannabudpost products is sourced locally. You can order weed online from CannabudPost and have it delivered to you in a few business days anywhere in Canada. CannaBudPost Discounts & Deals are readily available for loyal customers.

Enjoy Coupon Code: “FLASHFLASH” for $15 off your next order.
CannabudPost Recent Feedback [updates daily]

CannaBudPost Review

CannaLyft Reviews

cannalyft couponsAs a group of cannabis enthusiasts, CannaLyft Dispensary has a dying passion to provide Canadians with only the best cannabis products. Only the best cannabis brands are selected by them, which they personally vet through multiple in-house testing and techniques. Their connections with the top growers in British Columbia give them a great edge.  With competitive prices and CannaLyft Discounts, fast shipping, quick customer service, secure checkout, and a wide selection of top-of-the-line products that can be found only at Cannalyft, you will be 100% satisfied.
CannaLyft Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Crystal Cloud 9 Reviews

crystal cloud 9 Dispensary couponsCrystal Cloud 9 prides their focus on product quality, and cost. They’re located in the heart of weed central – British Columbia, one of the most famous growing regions in the country. It is their pleasure to offer these exceptional products to anyone of legal age who needs high-quality edibles & cannabis delivered fast and at an affordable price with promo discounts. Cannabis merchants understand the severe ailments and conditions that many of their customers suffer from. Crystal Cloud 9 commitment to outstanding customer service extends to our mission as well.

Enjoy Coupon Code “Discord20” for 20% off your next order or Code: “NEW20” for 20% off your first order + FREE 7 grams!!
Crystal Cloud 9 Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Crystal Cloud 9 Dispensary Reviews

DNMN – Dispensary Near Me Now Reviews

Dispensary Near Me Now CouponsNow you can find a dispensary near you now that offers discounts when you buy more cannabis! With the DNMN [Dispensary Near Me Now] intuitive design, all your cannabis products can be added to your cart without having to click through multiple pages. Loading time is reduced, clicking back and forth is reduced, and ultimately a better shopping experience is provided. You can then go to the checkout page and complete your order once you have added all your 420 products and applied any promos or DNMN Coupon Codes.

Enjoy 5% OFF with Discount Code: “Loyalty5” at DNMN Canada!
DNMN Recent Feedback [updates daily]

DNMN – Dispensary Near Me Now Reviews

GetKush Reviews

Get Kush CouponsThe Get Kush dispensary was created with one goal in mind: to provide the best shopping experience while saving you money on great marijuana. GetKush Canada are passionate about cannabis. Weed makes them happy, and they want to share their great pricing and knowledge with their customers! Using hard work and a successful business model, they’re building a new kind of online dispensaryGetKush Coupons and Discounts provides quality products and services at the lowest possible prices while not sacrificing quality with Free 420 gifts with every purchase.   In case you’ve been wondering how to buy weed online in Canada, you’ve come to the right place

Enjoy this New Customer GetKush $50 Welcome Credit Code: “REFXUMC447FR6
Get Kush Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Black Mamba - Getkush
Black Mamba – Get Kush Dispensary

Green Society Reviews

green society DispensaryWeed dispensaries in Canada are available such as the Green Society; Their service is safe and discrete. The GS website makes ordering easy, and they deliver fast and provide some of the best quality marijuana in Canada. You can purchase new Strains of high-quality marijuana online in Canada from the Green Society every week. Members can choose from a variety of cannabis strains, from Kush to Haze! They are proud to represent independent brands and growers so that the quality of our flowers and extracts is never compromised and remains consistent each time it arrives at your door.   They want to be your best online marijuana mail-order dispensary. In support of the cannabis industry in Vancouver, BC, they aim to bring you strains that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and they deliver an excellent selection of strains directly to your door at a discount!

Enjoy this 15% off Green Society Coupon: “DiscordEternal” for Dank Savings on your next order!
Green Society Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Green Society Canada Reviews

Happy Clouds Reviews

Happy Clouds CouponsBuying cannabis products online has never been easier thanks to Happy Clouds Dispensary. Orders can be shipped across Canada within a few days as they are located in Vancouver. All package deliveries are guaranteed. It is important to know the facts about cannabis. Marijuana can treat a number of ailments and speed up the healing process of many diseases. Happy Clouds Canada educates their staff and customers on the benefits of each of their products, ensuring proper use and comprehension. Happy Clouds is a wise choice when choosing a dispensary near you!

Enjoy this 15% off Happy Clouds Discount Code: “HAPPY15” on your next purchase!
Happy Clouds Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - El Jefe
Happy Clouds Reviews

Haute Health Reviews

Haute-Health-DispensaryThe Haute Health online weed dispensary offers a wide variety of high quality medical marijuana products at the best possible prices! Read Reviews and buy weed, concentrates, edibles, cbd and wellness products online at Haute Health Dispensary! The world of weed is full of different strains to suit all kinds of stoners, but there’s so much choice that it can seem impossible to try everything. Weed for sale in Canada is at its peak – there are more weed deals, cannabis strains, and potent cannabis products than ever before. Haute Health offers consistent Coupons, a VIP rewards program for loyal customers, and overall great customer service and reliability.

Enjoy Haute Health Canada Coupon Code: “SANTA45” for 45% off Cannabis items into the New Year!
Haute Health Recent Feedback [updates daily]
Haut Health Review 2022
Haute Health Review 2022

Herb Approach Dispensary Reviews

HA Main LogoHerb Approach Dispensary knows the Canadian cannabis market is in constant flux, so their mission is simple: to provide patients with top-notch Medical Marijuana. A team with over 30 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry will be able to fulfill this promise with HA Coupons, Deals, Loyalty Rewards & Giveaways. Herb Approach is known coast to coast in Canada for being at the forefront of marijuana news, reviews, sales, and stands up to it’s competition. The Herb Approach emphasizes holistic health and natural healing through medicinal cannabis and quality cannabis products. This Canadian MoM is committed to providing you with carefully crafted and top quality medical marijuana products through a wide variety of their Cannabis Strains, Edibles, Concentrates, Tinctures, CBD Oil products, and more.

Enjoy this exclusive 15% off Herb Approach Discount code: “420HUBS
Herb Approach Recent Feedback [updates daily]

Herb Approach Canada Reviews

Hillside Pharms Reviews

HillSide Pharms Coupon for New Customers first order - 20% OFFIf you are looking for a small boutique and exotic Cannabis then the new Hillside Pharms Dispensary is a great start to look. HillSide Pharms Cannabis is carefully cultivated by their group of expert growers. They process top shelf Cannabis flowers and carefully hand crafted Cannabis concentrates such as hash, shatter buddar and oilHillSide Pharms Discounts are readily offered to save their customers money on already Cheap Weed. TheNewHSP’s efforts begin with their customers’ desire to achieve the perfect traits to deliver the highest cannabis experience.

Feel Free to enjoy this HillSide Pharms 20% off Coupon Code: “4Smokin20
Hillside Pharms Recent Feedback [updates daily]
HillSide Pharms Reviews
HillSide Pharms Reviews

LowPriceBud Reviews

lowpricebud DispensaryLow Price Bud is an online dispensary in Canada with premium weed without the premium prices. LPB believes that if you buy bud online, you don’t break the bank. They commonly offer LowPriceBud Coupon Codes & Cheap Weed Deals to Loyal Customers! The LPB agenda is clear: buying weed online should be safe, easy, and affordable. Check out their collections of high graded ediblesvapes, premium flower strains, concentrates and more.

Enjoy this 10% off LowPriceBud Coupon: “TeamLPB10
LowPriceBud Recent Feedback [updates daily]

LowPriceBud Reviews

MMJ Express Reviews

mmj-expressMMJ Express a very well respected, trusted Online Canadian MoM, mail order marijuana dispensary. MMJexpress provides a huge selection of cannabis strains for all medical conditions and offers some of the lowest prices guaranteed when you apply MMJ Express Coupons. Whether you are looking for cheap ounces, quality concentrates, or delicious edibles, MMJ Express is a one stop dispensary. Every month, they give back to their customers with contests like Free ounce Giveaways [Yep – Free Weed!].
MMJ Express Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Quad
MMJ Express Canada Reviews

OnlyGas Reviews

OnlyGas couponsOnlyGas Canada team is spread throughout British Columbia. Their Cannaroots run deep into the Kootenays and interior of B.C. where good weed and beautiful strains are produced. ONLYGAS has a mission to bring the greatest flowers and cannabis products possible, to every corner of the province at affordable pricing with onlyGas Promos & Deals. Every Cannabis and Extracts product on the onlyGas menu is hand picked, and quality checked to ensure they provide only gas [FIRE!].

Enjoy this onlyGas Coupon Code for 10% off your order: “TAKE10
OnlyGas Recent Feedback [updates daily]
 OnlyGas Canada Reviews
OnlyGas Canada Reviews

PokeBud Reviews

pokebudPokebud Co is a modern yet traditional marijuana dispensary to buy weed online. You can discover a world they’ve created emerged with Gaming and Cannabis timely delivered through out Canada. Pokebud also provides same-day weed delivery in the Vancouver area. You will occasionally see PokeBud weed deals during holiday’s that can deliver dank buds at dank prices. Try to Catch Them All, If You’re The Best! If you are Canadian Gamer looking for a new Canadian MoM to try, then give them a look and head on over into the world of Pokebud!
PokeBud Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Bluefin Tuna * Pokebud * July
PokeBud Dispensary Reviews

Speed Greens Reviews

Speed Greens CouponsSpeedGreens has a goal to bring their customers quality Cannabis products, at the lowest price with the best service! They are one of Canada’s oldest online marijuana dispensaries with a large customer base! SpeedGreens Dispensary Coupons can be found often with routine rewards and loyalty points to discount your next order online. The Speed Greens company is passionate about the healing aspects of marijuana. They offer a user-friendly platform where you’re only a few clicks away from delivery of the highest quality marijuana products .

For Limited Time, Enjoy this 15% off SpeedGreens Discount Code: “WINTER
r/MOMpics - White Walker from Speed Greens September 3rd 2020
Speed Greens Canada Reviews

SupHerbs Reviews

supherbs canada dispensary couponsSupHerbs is a Calgary weed delivery dispensary in Canada that also caters a mail order marijuana delivery service. If you’re in Calgary, SupHerbs offers same day delivery within 2 hours, deliveries until 8:00pm, 7 days a week. Enjoy Cannabis products for amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Supherbs is proud of delivering affordable rates on Canada’s highest quality cannabis products with SupHerbs Canada Coupons.  It’s their priority to give Canadians equal access to the high quality marijuana.

Enjoy this 20% off your order SupHerbs Promo Code: “HY1U8CSMEH
SupHerbs Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Purple God - Supherbs - January 2020
SupHerbs Canada Reviews

Tegridy Farms Reviews

tf cannabis couponsTegridy Farms Cannabis is a trusted Canadian MoM that offers staff picked Cannabis, Edibles, Extracts, and Vape products to Canadians. TF Cannabis is a great dispensary to try out and find an assortment of delicious goods that will get you high, cure your appetite, and not break the bank! With Tegridy Farms Coupons, you can save even more money on already marked down prices! Having cheap weed and quality options is a blessing for Canadian’s looking to Mail order Marijuana.

For Limited Time; Enjoy this 10% off Tegridy Farms Coupon Code: “christmas10
TF Cannabis Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - 📣Review in 2nd pic
Red Superman Hash – TF Cannabis

The GrowHouse Reviews

growhouse DispensaryThe GrowHouse online dispensary in Canada is truly a respectable Canadian MoM. They don’t expect to be the only place that you buy weed online from, so they really focus on striving towards providing the best weed & convenience for your budget with monthly promotions & discounts. Take a peak at their Monthly Subscription Boxes for Cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike who are able to buy weed online and the budding industry is plagued with scammers so it’s important that you get your cannabis from a Trustworthy Canadian MoM Dispensary!

Enjoy this GrowHouse online $20 off & 10% off Promo Code: “WINTER10
The GrowHouse Recent Feedback [updates daily]

    No feed items found.

The GrowHouse Canada Reviews
The GrowHouse Canada Reviews

TogoWeed Reviews

Togo Weed CouponsAt TogoWeed Dispensary, customer loyalty is their #1 goal. They are strict on their product & growers for the best grade cannabis at the best prices. Togo Weed has a focus to have every customer happy with their product and their service. Marijuana has gone through a lot of changes in Canada over the past few years and it’s now been legalized. You can now buy weed online and get it shipped to your door. With TogoWeed Discounts & Coupons, you can find amazing cannabis deals and even get gifts with your orders such as FREE weed!

Enjoy this Togo Weed 10% OFF + FREE 3.5 grams Coupon Code: “TOGONEW
TogoWeed Recent Feedback [updates daily]

TogoWeed Canada Reviews

WeedSmart Reviews

WeedSmart Coupon CodesWeedSmart Canada is a Canadian MoM dispensary that is committed to changing the perception of marijuana. They believe all Canadians over the age of 19 should have access to the many benefits that marijuana offers. WeedSmart offers Dank Discounts and Coupons on Cannabis – Premium Flower, Edibles, Concentrates and more. See what others are saying from around the Internet from their experiences with this Canadian Mail order Marijuana dispensary.

If you are a New Customer, enjoy this $50 off WeedSmart Coupon Code: “REFS7PRPM83AE
WeedSmart Recent Feedback [updates daily]
r/MOMpics - Keyy Sour D Vape +Xtra\Bonus Socks 🔥💨- Weedsmart- Feb 2021
WeedSmart Canada Unboxing Reviews

More Canadian MoM Reviews

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online dispensaries [Canadian MoMs] to choose from and we don’t want you to miss out on the variety of 420 discounts and options available. Read more reviews and unboxing’s from customers at other dispensaries below. This is a recent syndicated list of Canadian MoM Reviews that get’s updated daily. You will find plenty of Canadian dispensary reviews on cheap ounces, budget buds, craft cannabis [AAAA}, concentrates, shatter, extracts, edibles, tinctures or CBD. If you are a Canadian MoM Dispensary that want’s to be reviewed or listed on 420Hubs, please feel free to read more information on how you can help us contribute to helping you!