Among Canadians, online shopping is rapidly becoming their method of choice for buying everything from toilet paper to groceries to medicine.  The choices available online are nearly endless, and the current marijuana craze in Canada is leading many people to purchase their weed online.  We can already hear the words being spoken… Are online dispensaries secure places to purchase cannabis?  Take a look at the landscape of cannabis e-commerce, and find out how to shop for marijuana online in Canada with confidence.

Where to start when buying weed online in Canada? Firstly, we should comprehend what cannabis is, why we want to consume it, and then how we will acquire it. Cannabis in Canada is well-known, culturally significant, and is subject to societal stigma. Whoever remembers the “reefer madness” propaganda days, or the evolution of cannabis as a medicine throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, will understand that this plant is fraught with controversy. In the end, it is legal in Canada at the federal level, so the validity of it as medicine is now only limited by the speed of research data accumulation.

It is likely you already know about cannabis and its benefits & uses if you are reading this article. The basics of cannabis must still be understood, as well as its functions and why it is such a cultural, political and medical phenomenon, especially in this country – Canada.

Cannabis Spotlight:

What Is Cannabis?

Despite its many names, marijuana is known to many. Marijuana is also known as ganja, weed, pot, weed, chronic, dope, and electric lettuce, among other names. How does this plant grow and what is the purpose of using it? In what ways is it beneficial? Is there a risk? Cannabis’ history is full of ups and downs, but the main thing you need to know is that it is legal in Canada, for both recreational and medical purposes. Whether you smoke to relax, eat an edible before bed, or rely on cannabis concentrates for personal injury or illness, cannabis is a staple of many Canadians’ lives.

Cannabis is a member of a class of plants called “Cannabaceae,” including hops, hemp, and even hackberries, which are plants. Due to international stigmas and policies, it is considered illegal by most countries despite being widely prevalent around the globe. Cannabis is legal both recreationally and medically in Canada, the first nation in the G7 to do so. There are hundreds of cultures that have used cannabis for its medicinal properties like relieving pain, inflammation, or its ability to treat serious conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, PTSD, and even cancer symptoms.

We usually talk about buying cannabis online when we’re talking about the two major cannabinoids (active compounds) for which cannabis and hemp are known: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). It is well known that THC has psychoactive effects on our minds (the “high” experienced when we consume it); in contrast, CBD is very popular due to its non-psychoactive properties. Despite their similar positive health effects, both cannabinoids have different interactions with our bodies & minds.

How does cannabis affect you?
Are you interested in trying some new strains?
Are you wanting to return to your old habit now that it’s legal?
Did you used to use it exclusively before it was legal?

Perhaps you’re looking for information for yourself or a loved one who might benefit from it? It can be difficult to buy cannabis online, whether it be to smoke, eat, or concentrate. You can purchase hundreds of varieties of cannabis products, just as there are different ways to consume cannabis.

Dose, frequency, and method are the factors that determine what works for you? Trying them all is the easy part. If we put all the jokes aside, experimentation, mixing-and-matching, and being adaptable are all important things to consider when looking for marijuana online. Do you know what the different types of cannabis are (Sativa, Indica, Hybrids)? Which is your preferred cannabinoid concentration? THC? CBD? The amount of marijuana industry questions we’ve listed indicates that you should test the waters to truly know what you want vs. what you need.

Information is the #1 step on any cannabis journey. Look for useful blogs online (like this one you’re reading right now! ), do your research, speak with friends and family, and stay current. When it comes to cannabis, knowledge is power, and if you want to take advantage of its powerful healing properties, you need to gather as much information as possible.

We know it can seem overwhelming… Take a deep breath (maybe even take a puff), and relax; we’re here to guide you through the maze that is online shopping, and hopefully show you a few tips on how to be a savvy shopper.



After we covered some of the basics of cannabis and why/how you should use it, it’s time to go shopping! Online cannabis shopping in Canada is a unique experience due to the fact that companies in this country have had plenty of time to develop their online stores, their promotions, and most importantly, to grow an endless supply of strains. In addition to creating a wide market of quality cannabis products, this has resulted in competitive prices.  


Many factors have played into the lack of pricing power in the cannabis industry since legalization, including old-school cannabis users, but there are still many factors in play. The average price per gram of cannabis in Canada has hovered around $7.75 CAD in 2019. It fell recently by 6.5% to reach its lowest price since October 17, currently at $7.35 per gram. It is to be expected as the cannabis industry grows and as more producers & retailers emerge, balancing supply-demand (slowly).

As consumers demand more choices, better prices, and more consistency in their marijuana, industry professionals will do their best to keep pace.  Prior to the legalization of cannabis, there were no market controls, no data to collect, and no economic analysis of the cannabis market.  Since federal legalization, the price for marijuana has increased by 17-18% nationwide.  But these price hikes are a direct result of items such as research & development, testing/inspection, quality control, regulation costs, and taxation.

Some local retailers or dispensaries lack quality, variety, and customer service, so it is understandable that they think higher prices are unfair.  Several people have returned to their old sources for cannabis after the dearth of marijuana stock hitting retail shelves hit the industry hard.  Surely, that is why you are online? With everything available at the click of a button, companies such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, and thousands of small shops have turned to e-commerce.  It’s never necessary to leave your house to get what you need (even your groceries are delivered to your door now! ), so there’s no need to go on the streets to buy weed.

Marijuana prices on the web are average, online cannabis is $1-8 per gram cheaper than in-store cannabis – obviously, the delivery location will affect the overall cost! Those are significant savings, and the hard earned dollars and cents can go to the Tim Horton’s fund (or to buy even more cannabis!).  

It’s one thing to haggle over the price, but what about the quality of the product? What varieties of products are available? There are a lot of issues at the local retail level: few strains, limited stock, supply problems. There has been a lot of difficulty maintaining a steady supply of buds – not to mention consistent quality buds – and this has caused many to return to their dealers or go online. Dispensaries that sell marijuana online have worked hard to keep their flow of Mary J consistent. They offer up-to-date reviews, daily deals, and a wide variety of cannabis products (flowers, edibles, concentrates, even wholesale).  

By ordering your cannabis online you can avoid paying exorbitant prices, avoid limited choices, and save time and gas money by going to the stores. As can be seen from the sheer number of customers who have made the switch to buying marijuana online, the advantages of online marijuana shopping are very evident. We haven’t talked about the elephant in the room yet… customer service, when making your cannabis purchases.


Although it may seem counter intuitive, online cannabis outlets often offer a more satisfying customer experience than brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries.

It is a two-fold problem: lack of product, and a failure to market their cannabis. It is reflective of a lot of the current problems in Canada.  Anyone who has visited a retail cannabis store has probably experienced this frustration; a few Indicas, a couple Sativas, a handful of hybrids, and little information about when/where/how much new stock will be available.  There’s no reason to blame retail employees for supply shortages ravaging the industry.  Nevertheless, it’s hard to get pumped for a trip to the local weed shop when you don’t know what cannabis products will be available from week to week (and neither do the stores!).

Additionally, there are limitations on what they’re allowed to promote when buying retail cannabis.  Despite this strange situation for customers, we feel for the customer service representatives who are limited to what they’re legally allowed to say about cannabis: “I’d love to tell you more… but at this point, there isn’t enough research to make official claims for our products


Cannabis users, regardless of whether they’re newbies or potheads, want lots of information.  Most consumers are left wanting more from their trip to the marijuana shop, as the staff often is not able to explain the terpenes, the flavor profiles, and even the kind of high that you’ll experience.  Why shop online? Firstly, there is a dedicated community of passionate reviewers, detailed testimonials, and millions of pages of articles, research, and comprehensive information on cannabis.  It’s not like you go to the library when you need to know something right now, is it? A web address and a click away are all it takes to access credible, up-to-date online information through search databases, phone app, and other online resources.

When you shop online, you’re not only getting a community-oriented experience, but you’re also encouraged to contribute your voice, your knowledge to the collective experience.  Post your weed experience, buy some online, and help spread the word! Sharing can even result in rewards (and sometimes sharing is rewarded).  Regardless, the abundance of information available online, combined with the flexibility offered by online cannabis stores, make the weed-commerce experience satisfying, informative and guaranteed to help consumers find the right products.


Ultimately, nothing matters more than the actual product itself.  If your product isn’t good then you won’t have a long time in the market. You can talk about price, convenience, and customer experience all you want.  Marijuana strains are plentiful, the consumption of marijuana has many options, and consumers each have their own cannabis wants and needs. 

You often see seven-letter words on the press releases of producers: quality control, quality assurance, focus on quality, etc. Without quality – be it desirable flavors, a potent high, or beautiful colors – a cannabis product will not survive.  There is a place for “skunk weeds” in the world, but the people who devote the time, money, and effort will be the ones to continue to succeed in the end.  Despite being notoriously opinionated, marijuana users have good reason for doing so! Using marijuana for recreational purposes is not the same thing as using it as medicine.

An excellent bud looks, tastes, feels like what?
Quality cannabis products: who sets the bar?

That’s simple: you do. 

Consumers can shape the market, and they do so often, but it’s not as simple as calling up your local cannabis hotline and asking for “more Kush varieties” or “stronger THC concentrates“.  It is important to remember that every consumer has their own tastes, preferences, and needs.  When you shop online for weed, you can get the product you need, at the potency you’re used to, and usually at a lower price than if you went to a local store.


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It’s no wonder that buying weed online from Canada is so much better than relying on other sources of cannabis. Get a taste of the Haute Health Dispensary, and try the lineup of quality flowers, edibles, and concentrates.




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