How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt Wrap

Roll a Blunt Wrap Like a Pro in 5 Steps

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Do you want to learn how to roll the perfect Backwoods Blunt? Read this step-by-step Rolling guide to be an professional Blunt Roller in as little as 6 minutes. The best Cigarillos & Cigars to roll a Blunt can be in different materials, sizes, qualities, and flavours. Depending on method, quality, and technique; your results to roll a blunt may vary. If you are an experienced ‘toker, you might know the popular blunt wraps brands like Swisher Sweets, High Hemp, Backwoods, Tropical Fusion, or Dutch Masters

5 Steps to Roll a Blunt
5 Steps to Roll a Blunt Like a Pro

Rolling Backwoods Blunts Instructions

While natural blunt wraps deliver a range of effects with delightful taste, some prefer tobacco-infused wraps to get a different sensation. Tobacco is Harmful to your Health!.

Backwoods tobacco cigarillos are a considered a premium quality cigar. They are expertly crafted with high-quality tobacco within them; but many cannabis smokers prefer to swap the tobacco for marijuana and roll a blunt

How To Roll A Blunt For Beginners
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Enjoying a Backwood blunt can give you an incredible smoking experience. All you need to do is carefully remove the tobacco and fill with your favourite weed, then reseal & roll the blunt

Step By Step Guide to Roll A Backwoods Blunt

How to Roll a Blunt

Rolling a blunt seems frustrating but with the proper technique and practice, you will become an expert Blunt Roller in no time. Just follow the 5 steps below and see how it goes.

Step-By-Step How To Roll A Blunt Guide
Step-By-Step How To Roll A Blunt Guide

Step-1: Grind your weed:

You don’t need learning on how to grind up cannabis as it’s all in the technique. There are many high-quality grinders available to make things easy and quick. You can also use your fingers to smash up buds or find quality shake to use. You will need at least two grams of weed to fill in the backwoods wrap.  After the herb is ground up, make sure the to inspect it is ground up evenly, as it will give you smoother smoke on every toke.

Step-2: Opening up the Backwoods:

Rolling a Backwoods Blunt takes patience to open it up without tearing unevenly, and then emptying the tobacco. Go slowly, or you might tear the wrapping leaf and make re-wrapping more difficult. Do not hurry, you need the patience to open it up without mistakes. 

Use a small knife or blade to open the Backwoods cigarillo, and make one straight insertion across. Some people can even use their thumbs to open the Cigarillo when you become more experienced.

Step-3: Empty the tobacco:

Once the cigar is opened, you can empty the tobacco from the wrapper. If you do not mix tobacco with your cannabis (most people do not), then discard to tobacco completely.

Step-4: Fill the flattened leaf:

When you empty the tobacco leaf from the Backwoods wrap, then straighten the wrap and make sure it is slightly most and not brittle. Fill your ground up marijuana shake into the Backwoods wrap. Insert a cardboard filter to enjoy smooth hits and prevent any leaf from being inhaled later on when smoking.

Step-5: Packing the Backwoods blunt:

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt
How to Roll the Perfect Blunt

When you go to fill the blunt wrap, you need patience and practice. Initially, fill as much cannabis shake into the wrap as you can. You can hold the blunt wrap with one hand by the filter to gain control. Use your other hand to keep the bud in place while slowly rolling the otter wrap around shake. Roll it slowly & carefully until you get to a roll. 

Bluntwoods Official Blunt Wrap – Mix and Match
3 Bluntwoods – Mix and Match

When the roll is ready, apply saliva or liquid (water) on the edge of the Backwoods blunt wrap and seal it quickly so the herb doesn’t fall out. You can also use THC oil to moisten the edge and add potency. You can use a lighter to carefully dry the most wrap to reseal the Blunt Roll. Be careful not to over burn the blunt and just lightly dry the sealed areas.

Enjoy The Final Toke:

You don’t need a perfect tube-shaped roll to light it up. After all, we do it to enjoy weed in a cigar blunt, and uneven shape doesn’t make a difference in effects or taste.

Moreover, dry down your Backwoods blunt a bit by providing quick flames from the lighter (without burning it down yet, of course!). 

Women Rollin a Blunt like a Pro
Women Rollin a Blunt like a Pro

Tools to Roll a Backwoods Blunt

We’ve compiled a list of items you need to start rolling your Backwoods Blunts.

  • A clean tray to work (optional)
  • Blade or small knife (optional)
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Paper towel & water (optional)
  • Backwoods Cigarillos
  • Favourite Cannabis

After you gather all these necessary items, then you need to do is start practicing. You might fail in your first attempt, but practice makes perfect!

Get High With Backwoods Blunts Like Never Before

Now that you know how to roll a blunt, you can finally blaze up! Smoking weed in a Backwoods wrap is a great experience that many prefer over joints. You don’t have to use Backwoods Branded cigarillos, many Hemp based or even THC-infused wraps will do! 

Once you start rolling a Blunt; you may never stop! Enjoy your efforts and share your new found talent of Rolling a Blunt with your friends!

Final Thoughts on How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt:

The Backwoods cigarillos are machine-made with Caribbean Cuban tobacco. Unwrapping a Backwoods cigarillo and replacing it with your favourite cannabis strain is a delightful time. If you don’t succeed on the first attempt, don’t be detered, let your expertise grow naturally. Once you get good at Rolling Blunts, you can roll a Backwoods blunt for others who can’t!

Backwoods offers high-quality cigarillos that are in high demand for rolling Cannabis Blunts.

Why Do People Like Backwoods Wraps for Blunts?

Backwoods are all-natural cigars, good quality wraps made from 100% raw tobacco leaves. This is a premium smoking experience, as they are made in the USA. The manufacturer keeps the tobacco for an entire year during the aging process and then uses the then aged tobacco to make Backwoods cigarillos. This proper curing method enhances the quality, taste, aroma, and& overall effects of the blunt wrap much richer.

Backwoods blunt wraps are highly sought after, as many enjoy rolling it with their favourite cannabis strain! Now that you know How to Roll a Blunt, try to roll a few Backwoods blunts and enjoy a blunt session with your friends!

For informational Purposes Only! Tobacco & Smoking is harmful to your Health. Please consult your Medical Doctor before consuming any products that may be harmful to your health!

Rolling a Backwoods Blunt FAQ

Backwoods cigarillos (cigar roll) are high-quality tobacco wraps. They do not contain any heavy metals, chemicals, or pesticides.Backwoods uses premium quality and cured Cuban tobacco to fill the cigarillo. The cigarillos are often used for the wraps themselves. Backwoods Blunt wraps burn slowly and allow you to enjoy steady and constant puffs!
No! It’s rather easy to roll Backwoods blunt once you educate yourself and practice often. Some can even roll a relatively good blunt on their first try.
The steps to Roll a Blunt are simple: 1) Open the cigarillo 2) empty the tobacco 3) grind your weed & fill it in the wrap 4) pack and seal the roll 5) enjoy your perfect Backwoods blunt.
Yes, you can use Budget Buds AA or Craft Buds AAAA - It's up to you!
A blunt is similar to a joint in where the contents are entirely made up of cannabis. The difference lies in the paper/wrap. Blunt wraps are usually coloured and denser then joint papers. Blunts tend to burn slower than joint. A Blunt is the second most popular type of Roll in the United States.
Cigarillos typically end up dry due to being opened and not resealed properly. In other cases, when wraps get old, they go stale, dry, and crack.
Backwoods are expensive! There are no additives and no paper; just tobacco leaf. As a result, they’re a pricey brand that has gained popularity due to their product, packaging and aesthetics.
Yes! Smoking anything is harmful to your body and organs. Whether you are smoking cannabis or tobacco, you are damaging your body. You must be 21+ years old to research, buy, or consume any tobacco products. Please consult your doctor for medical advice and your local laws for legal cannabis use. This article is for Informational Purposes Only!