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Read reviews on non-craft buds and decide if Craft Cannabis is right for you!

  1. Pink Lemonade (AAA) – Unfortunately I was super disappointed with this smoke. When I saw the description was meant for Indica lovers with scents of lemon and berry, I thought it would be up my alley, but it really fell short of both of those. I rarely found much feeling/effect after any of the smokes, and it was quite leafy and had a rather piney/earthy smell instead of lemon/berry. I sadly found myself mixing this with any other bud to try and get a stronger effect and to help with how dry the buds were. It’s definitely not my pickup for future orders, but it may be for some. 3 – Value | 3 – Quality
  2. Church OG (AAA) – This was the most surprising smoke of the 3, and it was the freebie with the order. While it wasn’t anything crazy strong, it was a nice mellow Indica that hit stronger than others I’ve had recently. While the scent wasn’t very strong, there seemed to be some nice gassy undertones I could pick up. The buds were quite dry when we got it and didn’t seem to get much life back when we put it in a jar with a hydrator, but it was only 2g so it wasn’t a huge deal. Overall, a nice bud to try out, but not one I would be a repeat for. FREEBIE Value | 7 – Quality
  3. Do-Si-Dos (AAA) – Haven’t had Face off OG before, but the mix with GSC in this strain got me super excited to try them both out together. The initial smell was nice too bad, quite skunky/piney. I didn’t seem to pick up much of the mint or sharpness from the GSC. The smoke was okay, feeling more like an even hybrid rather than a stronger leaning indica. I would say this hit much more of a head high than a overall body high, which can be nice for a day-time smoke or keeping from couch-lock in the evening. Unfortunately these buds were also dry like my others, and all lacked the visible frost and stickiness. Overall okay. 5 – Value | 5 – Quality

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