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Blue Cheese Strain Cheap Ounce at Bulk Weed Inbox – BWIB!

Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture:  Dense
Flavour: Fruity, Sweet, Cheese
Aroma Strength: High
THC Content – 20%
Effects – Focused, Hungry, Calm

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This batch of Blue Cheese buds is covered in crystals and reeks of cheese. Even just grinding up the buds with your hands will leave crystals all over your fingers or  tray. The colours are a healthy green with orange hairs and a shine from the trichomes. They leaves are light & fluffy and break up into piles easily. When time to burn, the bud lights up quickly and has a high temp sizzling the resin. I found this bud to be very strong and felt it the first time before I even finished smoking. It does have a strong head high crash, so you may want to be careful what time you smoke this so you don’t pass out too early!

Limit of 1 oz per customer

Budget Buds: Blue Cheese Strain Information

Blue Cheese Budget Bud is a well known  indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a great taste alongside a good head high. The Blue Cheese cheesy Strain name has more to do with its genetic heritage, a cross between the popular Blueberry and  Cheese; than its taste, which is actually very fruity.

**Limited One Per Customer**

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