Dabbing: How to avoid a ‘chazzy banger’

Chazzing bangers

Even though it has an ironic and funny feel, the fact that I am writing this report is quite acceptable. As I had previously said, I had some person designate an “Julia” rig, and we continued to keep it aside to make use of whenever I had time to examine.

Before a year or two back, I earned a little bit of a reputation for chazzing bangers.

In that case, I acquired a new method of completing matters and you can do the same. It is likely that it will negatively impact your dab working experience. That is what we are talking about here, charred or chazzy quartz bangers. 

This is how to avoid getting a chazzy banger

What is a chazzy banger?

In the audiosphere, a “chazzy banger” is described as a quartz nail that lacks clarity.

Chazzed bangers are typically coated in black soot, stealing most of the flavor away from your dabs.

What is this black gunk

In response, carbon is produced. It is made up of plant residues such as wax or fat. 

How does Chazzy bangers occur?

Does one particular chazzy banger accurately?

Simply put, temperature. A quartz banger is designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. A suitable temperature needs to be reached in order to facilitate this method.

You won’t be able to get it to work in a cold environment & it won’t work in a hot environment as the black carbon builds up.

Prevent chazzy bangers by finding your ideal temperature

It is imperative that you figure out the ideal temperature to avoid chazzing your bangers. It appears easy, nevertheless every piece is certainly unique, and just about everyone has their personal preferences. However you like it, most people today will heat quartz until it glows red before waiting for it to cool down.

Using a sizzling dab could be a bit rough since terpenes will combust at a lower temperature than other cannabinoids. Others believe you need to cough to get off, in which case those people tend to dab their lips scorching.

As terpenes are preserved by the cooler dabs, a large amount of taste and vapor are usually present, although sometimes fewer. If you’ve just bought a banger and are wondering how much time it will need to wait for you to receive it, talk with your local bong store.

Most often, they are able to tell by the bucket thickness. If you decide to just go with it, you may want to start off waiting longer and letting it cool more slowly than you typically would. A high chance exists for chazzing a new vehicle. 

Dab Puddle Size

If you took your dab at the correct temperature, you should get a good hoot and see a compact total of residue in the bottom of the banger. A puddle’s size is determined by its diameter.

By looking at the color of the remains, you can tell whether the cannabinoids are intact or not. The carb cap could be reinstalled, feathered with a torch, and struck again if the puddle is a light shade. The dab is basically done if the colour is darker. 

What to do when it’s too late

Despite the fact that your banger has already burned to a crisp, don’t despair.

You are under no circumstances going to be able to tell the difference between the old and new quartz, but it is possible.

Chazzy Banger Solutions

Refresh your fireplace by switching your torch to pink and infusing it with blood. The charred carbon will glow pink as soon as it is heated enough. The black spots will be gone once they have all burned purple. Although you will still be left with a cloudy-colored banger, your dab will look fantastic once again.

A drinking water and fireplace – Pay attention: This technique must only be utilized with higher-quality bangers due to the fact low-cost ones can break and crack. If possible, wet the bottom portion of the banger using a q-suggestion, leaving just a compact drop at the bottom.

Check out that fall boiling and steaming off as you turn on the banger.

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