Haute Health 2022 Review

Haute Health is a popular mail-order marijuana retailer [aka Canadian MoM] and Canadian dispensary.  In order to provide the best medical marijuana products at the best prices, Haute Health’s business model is to provide high-quality products at low prices along with providing weekly coupon codes.  Since most licensed producers and dispensaries in Canada charge ridiculous prices for their products, many medical marijuana patients cannot afford their medications.   At Haute Health, you can purchase medical marijuana online at a very affordable price.

Haute Health Review
Haute Health Dispensary in Canada

Haute Health – Canadian Dispensary

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Canadian Dispensary Cannabis Reviewers

The Haute Health Online Dispensary has been in business for over 2 years and its popularity continues to rise. This is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, despite not being up and running since legalization. Their mission is to provide the best medical marijuana products at the most affordable prices.

The majority of producers and dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Canada charge exorbitant prices, and many marijuana patients cannot afford their medication. You couldn’t find a better place to buy marijuana online if you were looking to buy medical marijuana.

Those who are not familiar with Haute Health need to read this review, and you will understand why so many people rely on it for Cannabis products. We will check out the products they carry within their online dispensary (flowers, concentrates, and edibles), review specific products like flowers, as well as the grades and prices of the flowers.

A wide array of strains and products are available at Haute Health storefronts and online dispensaries.  By creating a community based on mutual trust and shared goals, they aim to build a lasting community.  Cannabis patients are offered the highest quality medical marijuana via mail-order with the convenience of online deals along with discounts and Haute Health coupon codes to reduce prices further.

Haute Health Dispensary
Haute Health Dispensary Review

Haute Health is based in British Columbia where the best cannabis strains in Canada are grown, which explains why they offer the best prices on all your cannabis needs. With them, ordering marijuana online has never been easier, as they offer free express shipping when your order exceeds $200. This marijuana dispensary offers an extensive selection of products including edibles and high-end concentrates. Buying marijuana online has never been easier than with Haute Health. They supply a wide selection of strains and products to dispensaries, and can also be contacted directly for wholesale cannabis requests.  

Canadian MoM (Mail Order Marijuana) Dispensary

Haute Health Cannabis Products
Haute Health Cannabis Products

A mesmerizing collection of cannabis flowers and daily weed deals can be found at Haute Health. They describe every strain on their website in great detail; you’ll find out about the strain’s origins and learn about flavors, aromas, effects, and possible benefits, so you can be sure to get what you want. Naturally, Haute Health takes great pride in their buds, but that’s not all they offer. There are also CBD products of high quality, delicious edibles, and high-end vape pens available on the site. The product selection is also enough to supply your storefront or online dispensary. Get the most out of our promotional coupons, no matter how much you want to buy!  

Haute Health Products

Haute Health Cannabis Product Selection
Haute Health Cannabis Product Selection

Cannabis Flower
Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Flower

With over 100 strains in their Marijuana flower catalog, so there are lots of options when it comes to buying marijuana. One of the great things about them is that you can choose your weed based on the price per gram, starting from $2 up to $13, you can also find budget weed from $50/ounce up to AAAA quality. Their store is certainly a place where everyone can find something to suit their needs, and if you are looking for a specific strain, there is a good chance they carry it. Pineapple Express, White Widow, LA Kush, Trainwreck, and Mimosa are among the most popular weed strains available. Whether you are looking for shake, popcorn nugs, or large buds; you can find a variety of options.   In addition, wholesale inquiries can be directed directly to them if you wish to purchase a pound or more. With regard to sizes, you can purchase grams to pounds.  

Cheap Shatter Canada


The company carries over 100 concentrate products, just like their weed. If you need any sort of concentrate, you can imagine that they will have five different versions to choose from. There are a wide variety of concentrates to choose from including wax, distillate, shatter, hash, tinctures, diamonds, and more… and the prices are affordable, and for instance, shatter is available from $15 to $45 per gram without coupons applied.  

One of Haute Health’s biggest strengths is their enormous inventory of concentrates, and it looks as though their best deals are on shatter and budget products.

Cannabis Dispensary
Vape Pens & Carts

Vape Pens & Carts

In order to remain discreet while smoking, vapourizers are the perfect option for those who want easy-to-use smoking options. The oil they use in their THC & CBD vaporizers is extracted from premium Canadian cannabis. Vaping allows you to experience the full flavour and aroma of your favourite strain, while eliminating the risks of smoking. We say that Haute Health will become your go-to online vape shop in Canada for distillates, Vape Pens, and Vape Cartridges.



The store offers around 100 different edibles for sale. Gummies, capsules, hard candies, and giant candies are included in this collection of edibles. Each will have a CBD or THC version. Potent edibles typically contain from 10mg to 1000mg of THC. This makes them ideal for treating medical conditions. While Haute Health might not be the ideal place to find a particular brand of edibles, you can find edibles that have similar effects.



If you are suffering from pain, inflammation, difficulty sleeping, stress or anxiety, remember the three simple letters: CBD. Both hemp and cannabis contain cannabinoid known as CBD. In contrast to THC, however, CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it will not make you feel “high” or alter your consciousness. When you need help treating an injury or illness, but you don’t want the haze of THC, then you need CBD oil, creams, or Isolate powders or capsules. Canadians are turning to CBD for relief from pain, to reduce swelling, as a sleep aid or to take the edge off. It’s also great when you eat too much THC and get high – Cannabidiol reduces the effects. CBD has become a staple of many Canadians’ lives because it is natural, it is safe, and it works so well for so many different illnesses. Arthritis, insomnia, migraines, epilepsy, and PTSD can all be effectively treated with CBD. If you’ve overextended yourself, are feeling overworked, or are feeling overwhelmed by a condition, shop for CBD products in Canada and start feeling 100% again.  

Buying cheap Weed online in Canada

Haute Health online Weed Dispensary in Canada
Haute Health online Weed Dispensary in Canada

Looking for Haute Health coupons and promo codes to get the best weed in Canada at an affordable price? There are daily verified coupons on our site that are sure to work every time.

Online weed shopping has never been easier than it is with this dispensary. This online shop has many marijuana varieties compared other online dispensary. From weed edibles, to weed flowers, to resin, to hash — they have so many options. As one of the most trusted marijuana dispensaries in Canada, they craft their products by hand and procure their cannabis locally for the best possible quality. You want to be sure that when you buy weed online in Canada, you get the highest quality cannabis available. They offer the good quality at low prices. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from $2-9 flower, $15 for a gram of concentrates to wholesale options and more. Are they the best weed dispensary in Canada?  

Haute Health Daily Deals & Product Discounts

Haute Health Dispensary Coupon Codes
Haute Health Daily Deals & Coupon Codes

Products in the ‘SMOKIN’ DAILY DEALS can run out very fast. Also any products in this ‘SMOKIN’ DEALS CATALOGUE can not have COUPON CODES applied to them.

10-8 haute health daily deal10-7 haute health daily deal
10-6 haute health daily deal10-1 haute health daily deal9-30 haute health daily deal
Haute Health Daily Deals

The world of Cannabis is BIG and full of different strains to suit every kind of customer, but there’s much to explore which can seem a daunting task. Weed in Canada is in its infancy and prime – there are more weed deals, varieties of strains, and cannabis products than ever before in Canada.


Coupon codes and discounts are offered actively when it comes to discounted deals available. This Canadian MoM Dispensary has been around for a while with medium popularity brand when it comes to discount codes and promotion searches, with more and more shoppers actively looking for coupon codes and deals each month.  


It is true that Haute Health offers the highest-grade Cannabis at the most affordable prices in Canada. In the decade following the arrival of cannabis dispensaries on the market, the price of quality buds has gone through the roof. Haute Health wanted to change the dynamic by re-aligning price and cannabis strain & quality ratios.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid at Haute Health
Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid at Haute Health

Haute Health is an online dispensary devoted to providing the best marijuana flowers money can buy. Quality and value are celebrated at the junction. It’s their commitment to having some of the best weed in Canada at the best possible price that makes Haute Health the one place to go when you’re looking for mind-bending Indica’s, soothing hybrids, or creatively empowering Sativa’s. Utilize our reliable Dispensary coupons to get great savings on your purchases!

Haute Health Coupon Codes

We will provide Haute Health Coupons so you can discount your purchase online and save money! Looking for Cheap Weed Deals in Canada? 420 Hubs is the Best spot to find cannabis Coupons for Marijuana discounts and promo codes at Canadian Mail order marijuana dispensaries, such as Haute Health Coupons.

Spend $150 at Haute Health at get $20 in FREE PRODUCT

Haute Health offers much more than a fair price when it comes to 420 products thanks to a range of discounts and deals. One of the most important things you should know about Smokin’ Daily Deals is that they offer discounts of up to 60% on many of their products. The company also offers point rewards and referral programs if you would like to see all the deals available, visit their Haute Health Coupons page. Just before purchasing, you should check out these coupons:  

Haute-Health-Dispensary 42% OFF
Haute-Health-Dispensary 42% OFF
38% Off Coupon Code at Haute Health Dispensary Canada 38% OFF
haute health dispensary in canada 50% OFF
Haute Health Coupons

Loyalty Rewards

Haute Health Loyalty Rewards
Haute Health Rewards

Referrals can easily earn special points for future purchases using their referral system. The process is simple: just register on the company’s website.

You will immediately receive 20 credits upon signing up. Then, for each time you refer your friends to our dispensary, by leaving a review on their website or sharing their products on social media, you can earn more points.

Is there a friend you can refer to their dispensary if she would like to purchase from them? If you convince them to join the program, you will get 30 credits (equal to $30) and so will they!

Get 2% back in credits if you make purchases. The more you spend, the more credits you earn!

Leave a review on a product you have purchased and earn 1 point. (Limit of 1 review per product)

Each time you share a product on Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter, you can earn one point. You can also receive 1 point if you follow Haute Health on Facebook or Twitter.



VIP members enjoy exclusive deals and top-of-the-line cannabis products curated by their team. A member of Haute Health’s VIP program enjoys unlimited access to amazing pricing and special products. Our product specialists hand-pick these products and only offer them to our most valued and exclusive customers. As a V.I.P. member, you have access to our special V.I.P. product line and will also have the opportunity to test new products before anyone else! When it comes to craft grown Canadian cannabis, Haute Health V.I.P. is the ultimate in exclusivity and top shelf quality!

Whenever you spend $300 or more in a given month at Haute Health, you are automatically assigned V.I.P. status!

As long as you spend $300 or more at Haute Health each month you will automatically remain a V.I.P. member.

Haute Health 420 Giveaway Raffle

haute health giveaway raffle
haute health giveaway raffle

Simply make a purchase over $150 and you’re automatically entered!

Haute Health Weekly Raffle Rules
Haute Health Weekly Raffle* The Haute Health raffle runs every week starting every Friday and running until the following Thursday.
* Every Friday, a new winner is announced and the raffle begins again!
* Every purchase over $150 made through the Haute Health online shop will be awarded one FREE raffle ticket good for entry into THAT WEEKS giant raffle prize draw.
* If you complete a purchase over $150 between Friday – Thursday in a given week you earn one FREE entry into that upcoming Friday’s draw!
* This means, if you make a purchase on a Friday you will still be entered into the draw for the next upcoming Friday!
* All purchases over $150 made on the weekend will count towards the next upcoming Friday draw!

Check instagram @healthhaute for announcements about prizes and contest winners every week!

Giveaway Contest Prizes

You’ll have a chance at a weekly prize of an estimated value of up to $2000 in top quality cannabis products!

haute health contest giveaway prizes
haute health contest giveaway prizes

Online Dispensary in Canada

Dispensary Based out of B.C. – British Columbia, Canada

As one of the leading online weed dispensaries in Canada, every product they sell is among the top on the market. From edibles to high-end concentrates, Haute Health marijuana dispensary has a variety of products. Buying weed online has never been easier than it is with this dispensary. In addition to a high-quality product, we also offer the best prices in the Canadian online marijuana market. Having trouble choosing a product? Providing you with useful information to help you find the best cannabis online is what Haute is all about! It is this dispensary who tries to offer the best quality weed you can find online with weekly Haute Health coupons and discounts.

Haute Health Dispensary Daily Cannabis Deals

With Haute Health, you will find the right product range for your needs whether you are looking to help you with medication or just relax and enjoy some buds to relax. Buying weed online from them is unique in that you can get weed per gram at a really low price. In fact, if you are looking for cheap buds above all else you should definitely try and order many of their popular strains, some of which are among the most popular in Canada. If you like AAAA buds as well, you can find everything you need there. They might not have the largest inventory, but they may have the best prices!  

Why buy cannabis from Haute Health?

Why Choose Haute Health Dispensary to Buy Cannabis?
Why Choose Haute Health Dispensary to Buy Cannabis?

Get your favourite cannabis strains and save money compared to other online dispensaries in Canada.


They value consumer trust and put the utmost importance on every order. If you have an issue, you contact their customer support thru several channels.


You will get free shipping on all orders over $200 to anywhere in Canada.


Their products are very high-quality in the marijuana industry. Your happiness and satisfaction is their priority.


They are delighted to have a range of cannabis products that everyone can enjoy. If smoking is not your thing, check out their edibles, concentrates, and accessories!


If you are over 19 years old, you are free to shop at their website safely and securely. They ship your order & products right to your address with total discretion.


“The supply of government weed has been pretty lackluster. My buddy found Haute and we bought a bunch of random products to test them out. The shatter, the bud and the gummies were stellar. They had a long lasting high, tasted good and their prices are way better than the government stores. Get your hands on some gummy worms pronto!”

Devon, Mississauga ON
Why Choose Haute Health Dispensary to Buy Cannabis?
Why Choose Haute Health Dispensary to Buy Cannabis?

Haute Health Reviews

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