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There’s nothing that drives WestCoastWeeds more than to better themselves every day, not only through the quality products they provide, but also through simple and easy to use technology to allow every Canadian Cannabis consumer the freedom and ease to navigate their Cannabis products. Cannabis in British Columbia is some of the world’s best. The place is famous for its weed production along the West Coast and all of Canada; whether your from Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto. Many people and organizations grow marijuana in BC, and it’s one of the highest sought after buds in the world!

WestCoastWeeds has been around the industry for 15 years and is an advocate of the availability and accessibility of legal medical marijuana. Canadian medical marijuana is considered to be some of the best in the world. To ensure that authorized patients can obtain high-quality medical marijuana for their benefit, they are dedicated to this cause. There is no doubt that WestCoastWeeds will be among the front-liners who are committed to providing top-notch quality and variety as the world enters a new era of tolerance and acceptance for the benefits of mail order marijuana.

According to WCW; Mail order marijuana should be available to everyone and should be used responsibly. Canada has became a leader in this movement, and its members are proud to call themselves Canadians who share the same ideals and passions. They donate a portion of their sales to Cannabis Education and other Charitable Institutions when you shop at WestCoastWeeds.

Enjoy WestCoastWeeds in Canada, when you find them!

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With WCW you can order weed online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. However, WestCoastWeeds in Canada merged with EG Medicinal (EverGreen Medicinal) in the recent years per the last seen website status update. Founded in BC; EverGreen is a leading online dispensary in Canada dedicated to sourcing and supplying only premium cannabis and extracts. When looking for West Coast Weeds, keep in mind if you are looking for a specific dispensary brand or any dispensary on the geographic West Coast. Browse around and enjoy Deals, Discounts, Coupons and Reviews on WestCoastWeed! The WCW mail order site brings you the best that BC Flower has to offer, by working with select growers, and suppliers for all of their cannabis products!

WestCoastWeeds Canada Coupons & Deals 25% OFF
25% OFF
25% OFF at WestCoastWeeds (EG Medicinal)

Was WestCoastWeeds Legit & Trustworthy?


When asking if WestCoastWeeds is legit; you have to know who and what you are referring to. There are a lot of search queries regarding Cannabis on the “West Coast” in Canada and other countries. Potential visitors have to confirm they are searching within their region and know what Cannabis company they are looking for. There have been several Canadian Moms named “WestCoastWeeds” or some variation with slight differences such as non plural version (WestCoastWeed). Therefore, you may land at a relevant dispensary with a similar name, brand, or mantra and need to do your due diligence. We ourselves are unsure if this is the same WestCoastWeeds dispensary brand operating under a new, slightly different (non plural) .net domain. Canada’s WestCoastWeeds was once a recommended online marijuana stores in the country per a wide survey with Canadian Pot Heads.

WestCoastWeeds public address was 495 W Georgia St Vancouver, British Columbia V6B1Y0 Canada; however, we believe they may have merged with another online dispensary or changed their brand. They did have some DANK Black Friday Deals a few years ago before they merged online with Evergreen Medicinal Dispensary.

Post imageWestCoastWeeds Black Friday Deals
WestCoastWeeds Black Friday Deals

Canadian MoM Cannabis dispensaries can be found on Google by typing “westcoastweeds“; Use Google to search for “westcoastweeds” and check your results! We cannot validate if any of the dispensaries branded “WestCoastWeed” or “WestCoastWeeds” are legit, but we can recommend other “West Coast” Canadian Dispensaries such as WCCannabis (West Coast Cannabis) and West Coast Supply.

What happened to WestCoastWeed 🇨🇦?

Well the last time WestCoastWeeds representative was seen on Reddit was over 2 years ago along with a few Medium article guest posts in the Cannabis niche. Additionally, as we previously noted that their website domain went down with a parked message that they merged with EG Medicinal, around the same time.

Old WestCoastWeeds Website Message

Since then, we do believe they may have merged interests or moved on to other ventures. There are similar alternative cannabis shops online, but we believe you shouldn’t shop solely based on West Coast / East Coast Brand Names! You will be able to find a variety of MoM Dispensaries in Canada that offer affordable and good quality cannabis, edibles, and concentrates. We also offer limited time promotions and offers throughout the year.

Enjoy Coastal Cannabis from East to West Canada

However, if you are seeking for a West Coast Dispensary then we may suggest you check out the various Cannabis Flower, Edibles, CBD, and Wellness Products at West Coast Cannabis! Get a DANK Discount on your first order with a WCCannabis Coupon.

WCCannabis – West Coast Cannabis

west coast cannabis - WCCannabis coupon codes in Canada 20% OFF
20% OFF 1st Order
20% OFF First Order at West Coast Cannabis
  • WestCoastCannabis (WCCannabis) is a well known dispensary that has been around for years. You can choose from a variety of Cannabis, Vapes, CBD, Edibles, Extracts, and more. WCC is dedicated to providing their customers the best product and services and contributes back to the community monthly with donations to nonprofit organizations. 
  • WCC accepts Bitcoin! WCCannabis also offers Monthly Contests and Giveaways for their customers!
  • They offer the affordable goods and a wide assortment. You can find feedback from others in the West Coast Cannabis discord channel for product reviews and customer questions.
  • West Coast Cannabis offers discreet, reliable and Free Shipping on orders Over $150. 

WCS – West Coast Supply

WestCoastSupply Coupons 25% OFF
25% OFF
25% OFF at West Coast Supply
  • West Coast Supply is a Canadian MoM Dispensary. You can choose from a variety of Weed strains, including Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid varieties. WCS are also committed to providing the best products and customer service. 
  • West Coast Supply has everything you may need, whether that may be smoking accessories to edibles to vapes. You can pay via Bitcoin!
  • They offer the highest quality Cannabis products for sale at low prices, plus did we mention that you can purchase via Bitcoins!? Also check out WestCoastSupply Monthly Giveaway Contests!
  • Get weekly information on Cannabis, news, strain reviews & guides, customer feedback and more!
  • West Coast Supply has a great selection of cannabis goods for Canadians, and they offer fast delivery and Free Xpress Shipping on Orders Over $149. 

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