Find the Best THC & CBD Gummies in Canada

It has been claimed by many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts that gummy bears make the best afternoon gummy treats. You’ll feel high within 30 minutes when you take Weed Gummies. They’re discreet, tasty, have a great texture, and are discreet. You do not have to worry about the negative effects that smoke can have when consuming tasty CBD or THC gummies. For these reasons, these guys are great for beginners and experts alike.

Top Weed Gummy Bear Edibles in Canada 2022

If you live in Canada, check out these tasty cannabis treats! Cannabis gummies are the best way to get high! These tasty, THC-infused candies are great for people who are looking for a tasty, efficient way to consume cannabis.

We recommend gummy bears or blocks, since they taste great and they’re easy to carry. Gummy edibles with THC are a gift for those who don’t like the taste of raw cannabis. If you’re not a smoker, they are an impressive way to experience a smooth high that lasts longer than smoking.

Finding the Best THC Edibles in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top THC gummies available in Canada and where you can buy them online. Canadians, especially those who are into cannabis sweets, can get high with edibles and Gummies, which are ideal for people looking for a better way to consume their marijuana. Cannabis legalization in Canada led to a boom in edible gummies, so it’s no surprise that there are many gummy brands & styles to choose from.

We have online dispensaries in Canada that are open 24/7, so you can get marijuana, edibles and concentrates delivered for free directly to your doorstep if you order them through mail order. So, let’s discuss THC Gummies in more detail.

Popular THC Gummies at Canadian Dispensaries

Each edible contains a specific amount of THC, measured in mg, and a beginner dose for edibles is five to ten milligrams, but can exceed 1000 mg for the strongest edibles. Make sure you know the THC dosage you should take; as it is vastly different than CBD Dosage. To do so, see the Edibles dosage chart by weight.

The effects of THC Gummies take longer than weed because they must pass through your digestive system before they get to your bloodstream. You should wait at least 2 hours before taking other edibles or you could end up being too high and not having a pleasant experience. Edibles last longer than smoking or vaporizing, which makes them excellent for medicinal purposes.

What’s The Best Weed Edible?

The popularity of THC gummies in Canada is increasing, as more and more people are choosing to get their daily dose of weed from these tasty chews. Since the discovery of cannabis thousands of years ago, gummy edibles are easily one of the best creations. Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there has been a whirlwind of excitement.

With new rules and regulations, Canadians are left wondering where to buy marijuana online. Those who would prefer ordering weed online without having to leave the house have a number of options for ordering weed that deliver right to their door. We will be exploring the best CBD & THC gummies in Canada that we see being distributed by producers.

Additionally, edibles are a much healthier alternative to smoking weed, which is another great reason to consider our list of the Best THC Gummies in Canada. Marijuana-infused gummies don’t adversely affect lugs and come in a variety of delicious flavours.  The popularity could be explained by the fact that THC Gummies are perfect to take at any time of day or night.

Bhang-Bhang THC Infused Gummies

Find Gummy Bear Edibles at these Canadian MoMs

There is no doubt that edible THC gummies are incredibly popular. We’ve put together our own list of the best Weed gummies in Canada to help you choose the best product. You can review the dispensaries that carry them to be and what others have reviewed.

THC is the active component of marijuana that makes you feel high. This cannabis-infused candy gummies can get you high because each serving contains likely at least 10mg+ of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), also known as weed or “pot.” There are now many THC-infused products to choose from, ranging from chocolate bars to creams and lotions. You can research THC infused Gummies at your  dispensary and buy them online for yourself!

Purchasing gummies is as easy as placing an order, having them mailed, and receiving them in your mailbox within a few days. We describe a variety of high quality, delicious, and reasonably priced edibles.

THC vs CBD Gummies

There are both THC gummies and CBD gummies available for consumption. The main difference is that THC produces a high while CBD does not. In contrast to THC products, CBD gummies lack any psychoactive properties. 
Be sure to know what your limit is for each gummy and what doses you should take. Moreover, weed gummies taste really good, which makes them easy to overdo it. As a result, individuals should keep in mind that even though it is a gummy candy, it is still a medication and should be handled accordingly.

2022 Top THC Gummy Edibles in Canada:

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Gummy Bear Edibles in Canada
Best Type of THC Gummies
Gummy Bears
Gummy Worms
Gummy Squares
Gummy Stars
Sugar Free Gummies
Sour Gummies
Assorted Gummies

200mg THC Sugar Jack’s Variety Pack Gummies:

200mg THC Variety Pack

Each 200mg THC Sugar Jack Variety Pack contains 10 gummies containing 20mg of THC each.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Gelatin Corn Syrup, Manuka Honey, THC infused tincture, Natural Flavoring, Artificial colours.

Sugar Jack’s use all natural flavours and colors in our 200mg THC Variety Pack Gummies. Sugar Jack’s handcrafted products are infused with premium distillate extract during the cooking process. Sugar Jack’s make their Gummies that are sweet, juicy, and delicious.  Printed on natural flavours and colours, Sugar Jacks Gummies contain no artificial colours or flavours. These gummies are cooked in premium distillate and coated with sugar (also look for Sugar Free Sugar Jack’s).

SugarJacks Lemon Assorted Gummies


Edibles contain high levels of THC and are a convenient, discreet, and healthy way to medicate with cannabis. In addition to causing no lung irritation, these gummies contain a precise and measurable concentration of THC. They use only Manuka honey from New Zealand and cane sugar from New Zealand. Sugar Jack’s Variety Pack’s fun gummy chew gets its unique taste from natural cane sugar and has a fuller-bodied taste than processed sugar.

Sugar Jack’s Variety Pack’s

Sugar Jack’s 200mg THC Variety Pack’s medicated kick (unlike CBD Gummies) comes from their in-house cannabis gummy infusions. The infusions are created without the addition of any fillers. They test their extract for 99% purity, and then use a proprietary method to make it nano-emulsified to increase its solubility. With this, they guarantee accurate doses and accurate results. Each batch is also subjected to several quality checks to ensure their potency and quality before they’re packaged.

CANNDY Berrylicious Gummies – 300mg THC

CANNDY Edibles Berrylicious Gummies 300mg THC Flavour: Berrylicious Total: 300 mg THC / Pack Serving Size: 50 mg / Piece Quantity: 6 Pieces

With Canndy Edibles, you get the classic gummy candy experience with a carefully controlled amount of THC. You’ll get big, juicy flavours in every pack, including watermelon, peaches, and berrylicious. Pick these gummy bears in a pack of with 300 mg of THC to create your ideal experience. This flavour-packed bag contains gummy bears at 50 mg / piece.

PixiePlums Exotic Mango – 500mg THC

PixiePlums Exotic Mango Gummies – 500mg THC (High Dose) Flavour: Exotic Mango Quantity: 10 pieces / bag Total: 500mg THC / pack Serving Size: 50 mg / piece

The goal of BudLyft’s PixiePlums Gummy Edibles is to spend time with friends, having fun, and enjoying life a little. Our own health and wellbeing should be nurtured from time to time, so we deserve occasional breaks. After you finish eating these delicious gummies from PixiePlums, you will be transported to a euphoric state that will rejuvenate you. There are various premium distillate extracts, natural flavours, and organic ingredients in each bag of gummies. In addition, the flavours are so unique that you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

Ganja Leaf Gummy – 750 mg THC

1 X 750mg THC Gummy / bag Green Apple flavoured

Unlike other THC infused edibles available on the market, Supherbs Ganja Leaf’s hand crafted artisanal infused edibles are the best tasting and most potent medical edibles. A popular brand in the world of strong edibles, Ganja Edibles is known for providing the highest quality products.

Take a look at this delicious product they sell. But be careful with these, it is not a joke. A serving of flavored gummies contains exactly 750 mg of food-grade cannabis oil. Cannabis flower has been reintroduced with the essential Terpenes present in the flower, for a stronger entourage effect, and for a more balanced euphoric experience without the hangover effect. Buy Canada’s strongest edibles online when you shop with Supherbs.In terms of THC price, they offer the best deal. It is normal to pay double this amount for 1000 mg. Ganja Edibles is the brand everyone knows for strong edibles in Canada, so try their products if you’ve never tried them before.

Shipwreck Gummy Variety Pack – 150 mg Flavours: Grape, Key-Lime, Peach Mango, Watermelon, Cherry & Grape THC Content: 10mg per candy Quantity per Bag: 15 Candies Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

Most people in Canada become interested in edibles because they don’t enjoy the harsh experience of smoking or because they’re concerned about long-term health consequences.

The use of vaping is another health-conscious alternative often recommended, however edibles tend to provide longer lasting relief from chronic symptoms like chronic pain, making them a preferred choice for a medical patient. You don’t always have to eat the stereotypical pot brownie or a sugary sweet gummy bear to consume marijuana-infused foods; now, you can make pretty much any dish cannabis-infused.Make some thc-infused tea or make your own cannabis butter and spread it on your bread if that’s what your taste buds desire. As long as you’re cautious and remember our words of advice when it’s time for eating THC, CBD gummies or drinking CBD Tea.

Shipwreck Edibles Variety Pack

Using products such as pre-made sheets of gelatin and self-pressed rosin, Shipwreck Edibles is able to deliver the best quality of edibles and products.  The Shipwreck goal is to offer you the best experience, with great customer service. Shipwreck THC edibles have wonderful properties, cannabis can be beneficial to people who suffer from a number of conditions, disorders, and diseases, and it is their aim to make gummies accessible to everyone! In order to ensure safety, quality and health, all of Shipwreck products come from licensed producers.

Get Wrecked – Sour Patch Kids – 150 mg THC

THC Content: 25 mg / gummy Quantity per Bag: 6 gummies Total: 150 mg / bag

There’s nothing better than Get Wrecked gummy bears. They leave you pretty baked and you can eat quite a bit. We recommend ShipWrecked EdiblesSour Patch Kids; they are great gummies.

You only need a few to get high. Gummies are not super soft. The chewy texture is good. Recommend. One of my favourite candies has become a gummy edible. Exactly how I expected them to taste, and the high was great even with just a few pieces.

Ripped Edibles Bulk Bears – 1000 mg THC

Ripped Edibles – Bulk Bears (1000mg)

Total Quantity:   100 bears Total Serving:   1000 mg / pack GreenGuava x 25 Pieces OrangeBlood Orange x 25 Pieces PinkStrawberry x 25 Pieces YellowPeach Mango x 25 Pieces

Ripped Edibles Bulk Bears heavy hitters will appreciate this one. The package contains four different flavoured gummy bears: strawberry, strawberry, blood orange, and guava. While each bear is 10 mg THC, this bottle should not be underestimated. Oh, and it tastes great too. This is another one of Ripped Edibles’ bulk products that will appeal to everybody. Each marshmellow packs 40 mg, so don’t underestimate it. This THC Gummy snack is indeed as good as it sounds.

Mail Order Marijauna, Ripped Edibles | DNMN | Dispensary Near Me Now

Forbidden Fruit – Gummy Bears – 200 mg THC

edibles delivery calgary - buy edibles online in calgary at my28grams

10x Forbidden Fruit Gummy Bears 20mg THC Each Candy

FORBIDDEN FRUIT prides themselves on providing premium THC infused candy edibles that offer delicious fruit flavoured candies with consistently high levels of THC that keep you coming back for more. Each candy is infused with 20mg of THC, making it an edible treat that will give you a nice buzz.

This night in with the love of your life is exactly what you’ve been needing after a hectic month. In fact, it seems like it’s been ages since you’ve done this. Watch a movie after dinner while each of you eat a THC Gummy Bear. It won’t take long for you to put your feet up and enjoy some tasty nibbles. Nothing could make your weekend evening more enjoyable than being you.

Cannabis users who prefer a colorful way to consume cannabis may enjoy Forbidden Fruit THC Gummy Bears, whether they are seasoned users or novices.

Bliss Gummies – 250 mg THC

bliss gummy edibles MEDICAL EFFECTS:  Lack of Creativity, Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia EFFECTS: Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative, Euphoric, Hungry, Giggly & Sleepy DOSAGE: Take one gummy at a time and give it up to an hour to kick in its full effect before taking another.

With the refreshing taste of Bliss Watermelon THC Gummies, you can feel the summer! Try Bliss Edibles to feel euphoria for yourself! Whether you’re looking to beat the weekday blues, awaken your creativity, or find maximum relaxation, their wide range of fruit-flavoured gummies includes something to suit every need.

The classic tart and sweet gummy candies that pack a punch of THC are perfect for a healthy dose of the plant. Sweet, chewy, and totally addictive, these bite-sized gummies are sure to become your favorite! Based on pure lab-tested THC extracts,Bliss Edibles and Boost Variety Pack Gummies are designed to ensure that each bite is as potent and consistent as the last. Imagining your own getaway as simple as closing your eyes. Our Sweet Escapes, however, are not just fantasies. The gummies are infused with 1080 mg of THC and flavor notes of ripe citrus fruits that are certain to make you feel good.

Bliss Edibles Vs Boost Gummies

A good place to start may be these 20 mg gummies if you’re looking to microdose THC throughout the day. If you are feeling a little peckish, you can pop one of these candies in your mouth anytime. Despite their flavours, these THC snacks are quick to kick in and show their THC potency.

It produces a smooth high and a peak of relaxation with the instant onset of the buzz. With these Gummies, you can get a little bliss when you need it.

What are considered as perhaps the best THC gummies in Canada? We will continue by simply stating that we do enjoy the Bliss Tropical Gummies as much as Boost Gummy Edibles.


Fruit Flavoured, Sugar Coated, THC Infused Gummies

BLISS is a Vancouver, British Columbia based edibles manufacturer who creates cannabis infused, fruit-flavoured THC gummy squares. The company’s products are made up of high quality, top grade cannabis grown right in British Columbia, as well as natural fruit juices and organic cane sugar.

Having an airtight resealable tin ensures that your candies stay fresh and prevents them from being crushed while traveling. The bliss gummy edible is suitable for both recreational and medicinal use. A smooth and mellow high is what makes Bliss a favorite among recreational users, while medicinal users appreciate its precise and reliable dosage.Gummies like these can relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and put users in a happy and euphoric state of mind.

Bliss Edibles struck gold with these THC Tropical Gummies. Each gummy is pretty affordable at various online dispensaries and Canadian MoMs with Edibles Coupons.  These candies come in a variety of three delicious tropical flavors in small cubes.

Each blue gummy melts into a burst of flavour with blue raspberry, while the red ones exude guava goodness while the yellow ones excite your taste buds with a sweet pineapple taste.

 BC Weed Edible Gummies – 10 mg to 1000 mg THC:

We suggest you review the 10mg gummies at BC Weed Edible if you wish to purchase craft & high-quality gummies. Its gummies are made with real fruits and are vegan, so vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy healthy edibles. The packs contain 10 to 20 gummies with 10mg of THC each.

Select from a variety of 4 different flavours, including Cherry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, and Mango. They are definitely recommended for beginners and those who wish to share gummies with their friends. Plus, the price of their gummies is inexpensive for the quality you get; you can expect to pay less than $10 for multiple packs if you buy them all together. Get 15% OFF and free shipping on your first order.

passion fruit gummies

For advanced high tolerance connoisseurs, you can also find super potent 1000mg THC Gummies.  A single package of 1000mg contains two 500mg THC gummies. They can be easily cut up to give you more control over the dosage. Gummies are vegan, gelatin-free, and made with the best ingredients.

Unlike CBD Gummies, these edibles have among the strongest THC Content in Canada. You can’t ask for a better combination of texture and taste! Simple to transport, easy to use, and a perfect way to take care of yourself. The 1000mg gummies are available in different flavours, including cherry, lemon, passion fruit and strawberry.

Check the THC Dosage!

You should wait up to two hours for the edible to take effect. Once the effects are felt, you should wait another two hours. To ensure safety, it is prudent to stay in a controlled environment after taking an edible, and especially when it comes to 1000mg edibles.

The dosage is recommended for patients with heavy health conditions who require daily medication at the best price. There are several great health effects of 1000mg THC, especially when it comes to treating heavy health conditions. Please check out their Edible Dosage Chart by Weight if you are unsure of the dosage.

The Strongest THC Edibles

One of the strongest edibles in Canada is always in demand, especially among those looking for a medication because of its powerful effects. The recreational user can also enjoy it, but be careful because if you don’t know what your tolerance is, you can stay high for a long time.

BC Weed Edibles offers Vegan Edibles that replace pork jelly or dairy with pectine (the main ingredient for jam). Therefore, the majority of their products are vegan!

SeC HeartBreaker –
1500 mg

THC Content:
1 gummy/1500 mg per gummy/1500 mg per package.

With a whopping 1500mg of THC extract in each gummy, SeC’s Heart Breaker is SeC’s strongest and newest gummy. Be careful of this gummy’s mouthwatering sour cherry flavour. It packs a mean punch, so take this candy with a grain of salt.

SeC gummies are all laboratory tested to ensure maximum quality. A solvent-free THC distillate with a Delta 9 concentration of no less than 90% allows for impurities such as butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol to be removed, resulting in a highly concentrated product with incredible taste and flavour!

They only source the highest quality edibles here at Togo Weed. Their products contain industry-standard ingredients for maximum potency and value.

CBD vTHC edibles

Now that CBD and THC edibles are legally available in Canada, food items infused with cannabis extracts have grown in number. Among the most popular weed edibles in Canada are THC gummies. Cannabis and gummies were a natural combination, and they are now staples for many cannabis enthusiasts

Medical Marijuana Edibles

Patients who consume weed gummies to treat medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, pain, swelling, nausea, appetite loss, sleep deprivation, and many others often use them to treat anxiety, depression, stress, pain, inflammation and nausea. Cottonmouth, red eyes and lethargy are common cannabis side effects. There are a few less common side effects, including dizziness, nausea, paranoia, anxiety, and headaches. Although these side effects may be temporary, they are often not serious.

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THC Gummies Effects

According to a 2016 study that analyzed 100,000 tweets about edibles, Gummies are increasing in popularity. Because these are candies, the most important benefit is the good taste. Due to the fact that cannabis gummies are ingested as opposed to inhaled, they provide a more profound feeling of well being. 

There is the tendency for the sensations to be very intense at times, and a little can go a long way. Gummies containing cannabis commonly produce feelings of relaxation, euphoria, sedation, sleepiness, and happiness.

When do you feel effects from Weed Gummies?

Unlike vaping, THC gummies take a long time to work, which makes them less effective than edibles. The most immediate effect you can get from methods like smoking or using a vaporizer is being high. As for cannabis gummies, you should expect the euphoria feelings to kick in about thirty minutes after consuming them.

As you probably already know, there are a few factors that can influence whether or not your cannabis gummies work. In this case, your gummies may help you get high faster than usual if they contain more THC than usual. CBD-only gummies, on the other hand, may take much longer to produce any effects.

But, in reality, this is only because CBD-only edibles do not produce a psychoactive effect. Because of this, it is hard to determine exactly when they begin

How long will Edibles Last?

In general, edibles last significantly longer in the body than smoking or vaping. Euphoria normally lasts between six and eight hours. During the first 3 hours after ingesting THC-containing gummies, your blood levels will peak

A gummy that contains a lot of densely concentrated THC will likely make you feel high for longer than one that contains less. Metabolism, size, weight, etc., also play a major role. However, you might not be able to tell how long you’ll be high despite all these factors.   

When your ready, make sure you grab Dispensary Coupons before you order and Bulk Up on Candy Edibles like a variety of Gummy Bears and THC Gummies!

THC Gummies FAQ

Weed Edibles are THC-infused food edibles of various texture; such as baked goods, gummies, or chocolates. There are 4 main categories of edibles: sativa, indica and a hybrid.
The terms refer to two primary strains of cannabis, which will result in different feelings of being stoned.
THC Gummy Bear Edibles such as Sour Gummy Bears with a low dosage (2mg-10mg THC) are a great first time edible!
We really enjoy Bliss Edibles and Forbidden Fruit THC Gummies, available at a variety of Canadian Dispensaries!
We recommend that you start off small (2mg THC) per dose when first trying Edibles like Gummies until you can confirm your tolerance and align the best THC Dosage for your own consumption. Many Edibles start at 10mg, which is the dosage some recommend, but may be a bit much if your first time, start with half a serving if unsure and wait at least 2 hours before eating more.
If you believe you ate too many Weed Gummies or THC Edibles, then find a quiet, relaxing place to brace yourself to ride out the storm. Eventually, your body high will come down and go away.
It’s up to you! Some people like Gummy Bears, others enjoy Gummy Worms! You can find Sour Gummies and Sugar Free Gummies! Find the Edible flavour, texture, consistency, dosage and dispensary best for your needs!
If you are not looking to consume THC infused Cannabis Edibles, then search for CBD Gummies instead that won’t give you any body high!