Hash vs Kief: Differences and similarities

What are the differences and similarities between Hash and Kief

I know I often wonder about the difference between kief and hash, which is sometimes used interchangeably. Sometimes the confusion about these two terms happens, since they both refer to marijuana extracts that are derived from the same cannabis plant part (hence the confusion). They both have extreme psychoactive properties, and shouldn’t be taken by anyone but the most serious connoisseur. We need to analyze hash vs kief one by one in order to better understand their properties.

Kief vs Hash

Kief: What Is It?

Knifs are part of a plant’s trichome system. The sticky part of the trichome that sticks to your fingers when you handle loose cannabis. Several different colors are possible, including brown, green, and yellow.

These are the tiny hairs that cover the plant for the purpose of self-preservation and self-defense. Additionally, they produce aromas that attract pollinating insects, ensuring the plant’s survival. Resin glands and terpenes fill each trichome. This is what we call kief.

A cannabis concentrate, kief is extremely high in THC, sometimes containing up to 50%. Compared to smoked marijuana, which typically has between 10% and 20% THC (sometimes up to 28%).In grinding marijuana, the crystals separated from the trichomes are known as kief. They can then be consumed directly or converted into cannabis hash. Kief can be extracted fairly easily by anyone.

How to Make Kief

Using a multi-chamber herb grinder is the best way to extract kief at home. Because kief is made up of fine crystals, it must be filtered through multiple screens and sifters to ensure purity.An herb grinder with a minimum of four fine mesh layers is ideal. It is recommended that each screen contains between 80 and 270 lines per inch. Only the smallest crystals of cannabis should be extracted from your cannabis. Your kief is more pure if they are lighter in color.

How to Make Kief vs Hash

How to Consume Kief

Generally, kief is consumed by sprinkling it over your joint or mixing it into a hot beverage.

  • By smoking kief, you can instantly increase the potency of your spliff, blunt, or joint because it contains such a high concentration of THC. Before rolling your joint, add a little powder. Consider a light dusting since a little goes a long way.
  • Make your morning coffee THC-rich by mixing about half a gram of kief into it. The same principle applies to tea as well. Keep in mind that the cannabinoids are activated by hot temperatures, so be careful not to drink cold drinks. If you mix your kief with a cold beverage and the cannabinoids do not decarboxylate, you’ll get no buzz and a nasty taste in your mouth.

Hash: What Is It?

Heat and pressure transform kief into hasch, or hashish. The extract may also be liquidized in certain cases. Hash is easier to consume than kief, and it has a higher THC content since it is more concentrated. A quality hash typically contains 20% to 60% THC. More than 80% is possible in some cases.

Solid hash is yellow-gold in color when kief is processed. In addition to wax and shatter, it’s also used to create other popular concentrates. When you dabs, you’re consuming hash that has been finely concentrated from kief.

How to Make Hash

A pollen press can be used to make hash at home. You must first extract your kief (see above). As much kief as you can fit into your press, and then turn the knob as tightly as you can. Trying twisting even tighter will help you find the right amount of tension. As you go tighter, your hash will be more concentrated, and your product will be better.

When you’re sure you can’t turn it any tighter, unscrew the press and release the hash. A solid, amber-colored wax is best. The product can last up to 5 years in a cold, dry location.

How to Consume Hash

It is possible to consume hash in several ways:

  • Adding kief to a blunt or joint would boost the buzz just as we do with kief. Don’t go overboard once again.
  • Using a glass pipe, you can smoke your wax broken into small pieces. Using this method, you avoid many of the toxins and carcinogens that you are exposed to when you smoke a joint, so some people prefer it.
  • The ultimate high comes from dabbing your hashish. Place the wax in a vape pen or cartridge designed for dabbing. You may not get much benefit from your concentrates if you attempt to use a standard vape. It is usually possible to find great deals on dab-friendly rigs by browsing vaporizer coupons.

Consumption methods are influenced by your lifestyle preferences. You can add some hash to your pipe or joint to enhance your smoking experience. Try dabbing if you want an intense, ethereal experience (or you just prefer vaping).

Which Is Better? Hash vs Kief:

You might want to start with kief if you are new to cannabis concentrates. Hashish and kief both have their benefits. You should work up to hash because it is more intense. Each extract has the following benefits:


  • Easier to extract
  • Low-potency (but still intense) high

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  • High THC concentration and a mind-blowing high
  • More options for use (smoke or dab)
  • Not as messy to use

You should try exploring both options, and see how they enrich your smoke sessions.