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What Are Moon Rocks And How Are They Made?

In your dispensary, you’ll find moon rocks among the most expensive nugs. It’s the most effective way of smoking pot. You can easily make moon rocks if you have enough flowers, kief, and hash oil on hand. It should be impossible to tell what your nug’s original appearance was when a moon rock is done right. It’s not possible to smoke them exactly like regular weed. In this article, we’ll cover every aspect of making and smoking moon rocks.

What Is A Moon Rock?

You shouldn’t underestimate moon rocks when it comes to cannabis. They were made for connoisseurs looking for a way to elevate their smoking experience. Smoking moon rocks, unless you consume concentrated cannabis on a regular basis, will be an adventure. If you’re trying the activity for the first time, make sure you have lots of water, snacks, and positive vibes.

Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak, who were signed to Death Row Records in the early 1990s, made the moon rock popular. The original moonrock products now go by the name Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. A moonrock is not the same as another. A moonrock that won the Cannabis Cup may be of equal quality to Dr. Zodiak’s brand, but its quality could be completely opposite.

Moonrocks differ in potency and quality depending on the materials they are made from. Kief might be a cover for bad nugs and low-quality oil. Unless you live near a producer of moon rocks, you’re best off making your own moon rocks.

How To Make Moon Rocks

make moonrocks

The best part is making a moon rock, not smoking it. Using one of your favorite flowers and flavorful extracts in combination with your big stash of kief is the perfect way to enjoy one of your favorite strains. As you’re making it yourself, you can choose stronger or weaker flowers, oils, and kief to alter its potency.

Moon rocks tend to be a product that only connoisseurs seek out. Thus, most people who make moon rocks aim to make them as potent, flavorful, and high in quality as possible. When using fresh cured, premium-quality indoor flowers, you will want to make sure the flowers are of premium quality. Besides a live resin, you should also use flower rosin or live resin. If you want to cover a moonrock in kief, bubble hash or full melt dry sift is the best.

When you want the effects to be somewhere in the middle, you can add kief in place of CBD powder or use high CBD strains, concentrates or isolate CBD to counter the effects of THC in the oil or flower.

What You’ll Need To Make Moon Rocks:

  • Fresh Weed Nuggets
  • Concentrate
  • Kief
  • Butter Knife

Grab a fresh, whole nug that’s not dried out or easily crumbled. Have your kief in a jar set aside for the end.

Your next step will be to dab the butter knife with your favorite concentrate. You’ll need to apply heat if it is a consistency that is difficult to stick to buds, such as shatter and crumble.

The concentrates should be on top of the knife, so run a lighter around the underside. Keep the heat low enough that vaporization does not occur. When you smell something burning, put the lighter away.

If you are using tongs / silicone gloves to grab the nugs after the oil has melted. After that, coat the nuggets all over with oil.

Let’s take a bud that’s been soaked in oil and dip it in the kief jar until it’s powdered all over. Once the bud and oil are hardly discernible any more, you can move onto the next nugget.

Moon Rocks
Moon Rocks

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Having created a moon rock, you’re ready to smoke one. This is one of the strongest strains of marijuana you can smoke, as we warned earlier. Therefore, you will need to be an experienced cannabis user or prepare for a powerful high.

Moon Rocks Breakdown

Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a meal before you begin. To finish, smoke somewhere you don’t have to worry about judgment or responsibilities. It’s probably not a good idea to get too high, but just remember nobody has ever dien from it.

With respect to smoking, a moonrock can’t be treated the same way as a flower. Grinders should not be used. A grinder is likely to produce stickiness that makes it impossible to turn. Additionally, the teeth of the grinder will consume a lot of the oil and kief on your nugs. It is easier to smoke moon rocks if they are broken up into smaller pieces.

It’s not just grinders that you shouldn’t use when you’re a cannabis smoker. The oil and kief in rolling papers can also make it difficult to light them. As a result, the oils can block the airflow in the joint or blunt by combining with resins. When the joint is hardly pulling, you’ll be forced to watch your kief, oil, and flowers burn away before you can enjoy them.

It’s about keeping Moon Rocks lit

When you smoke a joint or a blunt, you can use moon rocks to enhance the experience. Any ground up weed can be made to smoke to the end by mixing some moonrock in.

You can smoke moon rocks in bowls or bongs with a lighter if you wish to smoke them without interruption. You can put the moonrocks in a bowl once they’ve been shredded into smaller pieces. Prepare yourself for the strongest bong rip or bowl hit of your life if you’ve never tried moonrock before.

Moon rocks everything please

All the different cannabis products can be enjoyed simultaneously with moon rocks. Furthermore, the traditional element of smoking is not removed as with dabbing. Moon rock joints and bowls make good ways to get high with friends. In spite of their high tolerance. Smoking the same way every day can make you long for something similar to your first experience. Try smoking moon rocks to elevate your life. You can also try something totally different, such as night and day rocks.

The Best Moon Rocks Brands

The quality of moon rock products varies. Here are a few brands that stand out:

  • Moonrock CanadaMoon Rocks are essentially cannabis buds (historically GSC, but any strain suffices) dipped in or sprayed with Honey oil, then rolled in kief. This process can produce a product with THC levels upwards of 50%. The quality will speak for itself.    Each order contains 1 gram of Moonrocks

A moon rock is guaranteed to be a potent experience, whether you buy one or make it yourself.

  • Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rock – Named after a pioneer of the product, this OG bud is STRONG and has won the High Times Cannabis Cup award.
  • Moonrock Canada – One of the best brands according to CBD moonrocks review and moon rocks Reddit threads, this moon rocks cannabis Canada brand offers access to moon rock joints online.
  • Moon Rocks – A variety of straightforward moon rock products to take your high to the next level.

Whether you decide to buy or make your moon rocks, you’re in for a potent experience. As with any CBD or THC product, you need to find your balance and take it slowly. Let’s meet on the moon!