BudLyft Review Canada Online Dispensary

Well, well; here today we have a Budlyft Review on the table because they are a well-known dispensary in Canada that has been serving Canadians with a variety of cannabis products online for years. You will have to be 19+ years old to browse any info on BudLyft. You need to be 21+ years old to browse 420Hubs and keep reading this content; if you are not, please EXIT HERE immediately. No matter what cannabis product you have been looking for, this BudLyft Review will help guide you across all aspects of one of Canada’s best online dispensaries, BudLyft

Is this BudLyft Review of a Trusted Dispensary?

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BudLyft 2022 Dispensary Review

BudLyft – Online Dispensary in Canada

Apart from holding a wide variety of 420 products, Bud Lyft has never compromised on products’ quality. Their exceptional customer service and timely delivery of products have earned them a good reputation across Canada. A unique aspect of this dispensary is products of different categories and promos. The AAA quality cannabis products are highly affordable that will have you enjoy marijuana on a budget without emptying your pockets. Similarly, AAAA products are high quality and slightly more expensive than AAA quality flower strains. 

Canadian (MoM) Mail Order Marijuana

After you browse their website and have any cart order processed, BudLyft claims to ship by the end of the following business day and provides tracking information. If you have come here disappointed from other mail order marijuana dispensaries, and are looking to review BudLyft, you will definitely be happy. You may find out that some products are not available everywhere and will be difficult to find at most online dispensaries in Canada. You will find your favourite products and cannabis information from Budlyft. 

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History of BudLyft Review in Canada

Their experience of 40 years in the cannabis industry made the Budlyft team liable for producing high-quality cannabis products. They started Budlyft with the aim of healthy & high quality marijuana goods that were at affordable prices. The BudLyft dispensary was inaugurated on the West Coast, from where it spread throughout Canada. 

Commitment, dedication, and the aim to satisfy the customers are what make Budlyft thrive in the cannabis industry. They have a team of trained professionals who understand professionalism and know-how to run an established marijuana business. All the factors combined, Budlyft has gained a good reputation in the Canadian cannabis market over time. 

Is Budlyft Review Legit?

Per the online Cannabis communities we’ve reviewed, with this Budlyft Review, we consider whether BudLyft is a trustworthy dispensary. It should begin to note that BudLyft that has been serving in the Canadian market for a while. They have about decades of experience, combined with a professional team that makes them stand out in the current market. 

With a fast & secure website and remarkable customer support that adds value to their business. It is safe to say you can trust this dispensary and would still end up reviewing four to five stars on your experience. Budlyft is a genuine and reassuring one-stop-shop online for a variety of cannabis products across Canada in 2022. 

Our Favourite BudLyft Products

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BudLyft Weed Review

CBD & Cannabis product variety and quality are the significant factors for any customer choosing a dispensary. Please Note that Budlyft has good customer reviews in both these metrics. You will be happy to know that the main objective of Budlyft is to provide a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products in their region. Considering this, they have gathered a team of professionals and experienced cannabis cultivars that have already been working in the industry. BudLyft claims their Weed Products are tested by staff to ensure products are good quality. They certainly value their reputation. Whether you want to have high quality cannabis, or budget buds; you may never be disappointed with their online shop. 

Key Lime Pie Strain
Key Lime Kush Strain at BudLyft Canada

Cannabis Flowers

BudLyft flowers arrive with all items contained a discrete Budlyft branded box and vacuum sealed all together in clear bag within nothing crushed except the box slightly. In one review instance, the box protected all Cannabis products that came in clear zip bags, 3 strains labeled 3.5 grams.

Three of the favourite cannabis strains are Key Lime Kush, Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) and White Death. Many cannabis entusiasts are familiar with all these strains. Grand Daddy Purple Strain bag appeal for being rated AAAA has a sour purple pine grape taste and a sweet aftertaste but not overpowering. It has a moderate, chill high and potency. Easy for relaxing, attention to detail and repetitive tasks do became more enjoyable.

KeyLime Pie CannabisKeyLime Pie Cannabis Ground UpKeyLime Pie Cannabis Shake

BudLyft Cannabis Reviews

Key Lime Pie Kush Strain was by far the favourite Strain from the BudLyft Reviews considered. Well enjoyed but only sampled a bit of White Death and it is almost unforgivable. White death has good crystals and nice trim, mild terpenes with medium to small nuggets in size. Good length for a smooth smoke session. Small nugs with purple coloration and mostly covered in crystals but not overly sticky. The grey ash when combusted is very pleasant, and even as White Death burns very clean. Short lived and kinda moderate potency but it tastes good.

Black Key Lime Pie Strain by BudLyftBlack Key Lime Pie StrainBlack Key Lime Pie Strain Joint Burn

Pre-Roll Pack of Super Silver Haze Review

Super Silver Haze AAAA+ Prerolls
Super Silver Haze AAAA+ Prerolls

When inspecting the super enticing, Super Silver Haze, Prerolls which are 0.7 grams each and come in a pack of x5 and are pretty affordable. Rated AAAA+ and a bit dry as prerolls tend to be, good in this case, perfectly rolled not too tight or loose, conical shape with natural raw papers. Burned mostly smooth with white ash, and even burn down to the filter. These Marijuana Joints were moderate potency, but had a nice caramel taste and we believe most would enjoy this Super Silver Haze Review on a sunny, relaxing day!

Hash Review

BudLyft Best Hash In CanadaWhen looking for the best Hash around Canada, look no further than the wide selection at BudLyft Dispensary. Hash is a cannabis concentrate, also called hashish, is derived by pressing the trichomes from cannabis flowers and pressing them into slabs or bricks. Hashing was the first popular cannabis concentrate and led to the rise of other, stronger products like shatter, oil, & live resin. As a result of its high concentration of cannabinoids, hash produces powerful psychoactive effects. If you’re not sure what strain is best for you, then try small 1 gram Hash samplers!
Budlyft Hash Coupon Canada
Budlyft Hash Coupon Canada

Cheap Ounces & Budget Buds

The critical thing to mention here is the variety of 420 products that BudLyft has at any given time. You will be left in awe after seeing the range of cheap ounces and new drops on a weekly basis. You will find 58+ different products for weed alone, including pre-rolls, Vapes, CBD, Gummy Edibles and flowers. The cannabis strains are categorized into different grades for further ease to sort, from AAA to AAAA+ level. Similarly, the cannabis prices range from $5 to $15 per gram of weed on average unless researching Ounce Deals like $99/Ounce Or Less Deals. This tells us that you will always find a product to buy for yourself, with whatever budget you come up with, in the store. 

$99/Ounce Or Less Deals

Nevertheless, the BudLyft Dispensary & team keeps improving their Cannabis strains, bringing more variety at an affordable price with every passing day!

Edibles Review

PixelPlum 500mg THC Mango Gummies

With a 500mg bag of PixelPlums Exotic Mango Gummies; 10 pieces = 50 mg each per serving. In a scenario where one ate half a piece (25 mg); 30 minutes later, one could notice back and hip pain relief such as the case in this BudLyft Review. When consuming the other half (+25mg) with vape session and another whole one (50mg) after work; it was holistically a comfortable drip of doses for a high tolerance daily cannabis consumer. Good mango natural flavor not too sweet, nor a strong distillate taste midway chewing. These Gummies were super sticky, but maintains shape despite being stuck together.

PixelPlum THC Mango Gummies PixelPlum THC Mango Gummies

Berrylicious 300mg THC Gummies by CANNDY

Compared to the PixelPlums Mango gummies, the 300mg THC CANNDY BerryLicious Gummies were similar in potency and a bit more enjoyable, despite the edibles less THC dose per serving. Even when dealing with CBD Edibles, you’ll want to consult Dosage Guides until you are familiar with your tolerance and the edibles you consume. These Berrylicius Grape gummy rounds came with 8 pieces in the pack that were 15 mg per serving. Although they were supposed to have 6 servings per pack (*_*); they were soft, not sticky and hid the Weed taste a bit better than the Mango Gummies. The package was hard to open so I cut it safely with proper utensils. It appears to be made out of pretty natural sugar, glucose, juices as flavouring along with coconut oil.

Berrylicious 300mg THC Gummies by CANNDYCANNDY Edibles Berrylicious Gummies 300mg THC

Disposable THC Vape Pens

Unicorn Hunter THC Disposable Vape Pen – Death Bubba Strain

Death Bubba 1.3 gram Disposable Vape Pen by Unicorn Hunter with around 93-95% THC Level was a nice surprise. I’d say it is worth the value on it and was nice to try to report on a well known brand, Unicorn Hunter. The Death Bubba THC Vape Pen tastes good, with mild & easy pulls/draws.

Right out of the box, there was no resistance to big pulls, and had good potency but not as sedating as usual with this strain. We would buy it even though we are not usually a fan of Live Resin Vape Pens. I’ll admit it may have been better than some sauce pens or distillate THC Vapes we have experienced from other brands. The Disposable Vape Pen had lasts many sessions with good value. After 4 and a half days, the pen gone, all used up and empty. The Unicorn Hunter disposable vape pen has a mini usb cord slot at the bottom to charge it, but does not come with cord as most will empty and dispose before the battery dies.

Unicorn Hunter THC Disposable Vape PenUnicorn Hunter THC Disposable Vape Pen Death Bubba

The cart on the top does not remove but could be refilled with a syringe as the mouth tip can be unscrewed. It had a nice box and classy packaging. The terpenes were mild, creamy, vanilla pudding tasting. However, not as discreet as distillate (we also don’t prefer cheap but enjoy quality/bougie quality at value). The Disposable Vape Pen was our favourite item of the BudLyft Dispensary Review


The best way to consume CBD is either by taking edibles, as in gummies and other treats. You can also find Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and Full Spectrum CBD oil in tinctures, CBD salves, lotions or CBD gel capsules. The possibilities with CBD have barely scratched the surface and we are sure we will continue to see innovation infused with CBD items and brands in the future!

CBD Oil Tinctures, Gummies and more!
CBD Oil Tinctures, Gummies and more!

THC Gummies, Craft Cannabis, CBD Bath Bombs and more!

purple urkle weed
BudLyft Edible, Weed & CBD

Budlyft Review of Website & Feedback

In order to gain popularity as an online store, a business should have a well-developed website that is easy to navigate and should also have a user-friendly interface. A pleasant and easily approachable interface allows customers to have a quick & easy visit to the online store. Fortunately, Budlyft’s online store fulfils all these requirements and allows users to stay engaged with their offers. 

So many offers and a lot of hot 420 products are visible on the BudLyft home page, which makes everything several times more attractive when reviewing. The products are categorized into flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, tinctures, CBD, etc. There is also a wholesale section for those who want to order in bulk. These categories are still divided into subcategories that make finding products even more manageable for added convenience. For instance, the flower section has indica, sativa, hybrid, and can even be sorted by quality/grade (AAA, AAAA, etc). 

Insights into Online Dispensary Reviews of Canada

Apart from that, there is a blog section on their website, which is very valuable as it includes a bulk of information on all aspects of marijuana, CBD & THC infused edibles or Gummies. They generally update their blog once a week. Nevertheless, the content it contains is worth the read. The store always has some fantastic cannabis info, products, or deals to offer. Whether you want to research Canadian MoMs and Mail order cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, you will find everything at affordable prices. 

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Customer Service Feedback

Customer service plays a significant role in determining how professional a business is, and this is very important to us when considering a BudLyft Review. The patience, ethics, and manners of conversing with customers and visitors tell a lot about BudLyft as a brand. Also, their quick response that attracts visitors coming back and staying engaged with transactional intent. If a visitor doesn’t get a response within a period of time, they are likely to move to the next dispensary, as there are hundreds more dispensaries available. BudLyft passes with flying colours and is Top-Notch when dealing with Visitors & Inquiries!

Budlyft’s customer service is so far excellent and worth the appreciation. They can be contacted via a phone number, direct message, or through an email provided on their website. Budlyft’s team is available for support every day between 11 am to 9 pm. Customers have shown positive reviews when asked about Budlyft’s customer service. 

BudLyft Discounts, Coupon Codes & Promos

Promotions, discounts, and BudLyft coupon codes generally make a store more attractive for customers. Considering this, Bud Lyft has left everyone in the dust and offered a generous amount of promotions and discounts for their customers. You don’t have to be their loyal customer to get access to the discounts. These promotions are available to everyone. 

The discounts offered by Budlyft are crazy nice. You will notice discounts on several CBD & THC products every now & then. These discounts allow you to save money even on purchasing AAAA quality cannabis products. The discounts & deals may go above 40% off or more in rare cases, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the 4/20 Holiday. This means you don’t really have to stick to the same products. You can relish high-quality products at affordable prices that are not heavy in your pockets. 

Enjoy BudLyft Coupons & Deals

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One of the best features is offering a gift of their products to someone you care about, as well as receiving Freebie Gifts. Bud Lyft provides Complementary Gifts very often that are automatically added to your cart when qualified & available. If you order in bulk, you will likely get some amazing gifts from their shop. Getting an extra item on a bulk order is just their way of saying thanks to their valued visitors. Such offers are open all year round.

What else does a cannabis enthusiast want than quality at a discount? 

BudLyft Dispensary

Newsletter Subscriptions

Subscribe to BudLyft Newsletter

Getting discounts, free gifts, and other perks and all you have to do is consider subscribing to a newsletter! Sounds unbelievable, right? But that is possible with Budlyft. After subscribing to the newsletter, you will get five pre-rolls along with your very first order. The benefit doesn’t end here. You will keep getting discount codes, coupons, and promotions through the newsletters. Here you need to remember that only one coupon can be used at a time to enjoy the offer. If you have more than one, you can keep the other coupon for the following order. 

Free Shipping

An online business thrives due to discreet & secure packaging during shipping. Since the products have to go through several phases during the shipment process, it is may get damaged if not properly packed. The items should be packaged nicely, so that all its contents are safe and remain unrevealed throughout. 

Budlyft offers free shipping to all its customers on carts above $149. This makes Budlyft a good dispensary for wholesale browsing; they are very conscious about the delivery time, as well. You would be amazed to know that they ship the order on the same day if the order was placed before 12 pm PST. In case you have placed the order after this time, it will be shipped the next day. 

Since Budlyft works with Canada Post, the order is delivered right to your doorstep within a few days. Sometimes the order is delivered through Flex Delivery or XpressPost. You have to collect your parcel from the nearest post office in that case. 

Same-Day Weed Delivery in Vancouver, British Columbia

 Victoria BC Weed Delivery

If you are local to Vancouver & the Lower Mainland Area (including in the city of Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam), then enjoy Same Day Local Delivery from BudLyft Dispensary! Just get your Cart submitted for Same Day Delivery before 12pm EST (NOON)!

BudLyft now offers an easy & reliable way for local clients to get almost instant access to cannabis within hours. Through their free same day delivery service, they can now have your weed delivered to you on the same day in the local cities of: Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, and Richmond. They are proud to be at your service whether locally or via Mail Order.

Final Thoughts on this BudLyft Review

Budlyft is undoubtedly one of the better cannabis dispensaries in Canada that like many, offers tons of high-quality cannabis products. You don’t have to worry about finding a new dispensary anymore, as Budlyft is a one-stop cannabis shop if you need one. 

BudLyft Contests & Giveaways
BudLyft Contests & Giveaways

Some have said that BudLyft has the Largest Selection of Hash in Canada!


Whether you need seeds, flowers, Concentrates, CBD products, vapes, pre-rolls, or hash, you will find everything in their online store. The store contains cannabis products for recreational purposes. 

The best thing is that Budlyft contains cannabis products of different grades; including and especially in their Hash Collection. You will find low to high-quality products with varying prices. People can pick one according to their budgets. So what would it be other than sheer negligence or bad luck to never get to buy from such a place? That being said, there is no reason not to visit their store. Please pay a visit to their online store and check everything for yourself. If you are interested in researching more about Mail Order Marijuana and other Dispensary Reviews, then please consider reading our Haute Health Review!
BudLyft Dispensary Review 2022
BudLyft Review of 2022

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