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Herb Approach Dispensary Review

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Founded in 2001, we start our Herb Approach Review describing this leading online dispensary that specializes in holistic health and natural healing. From British Columbia’s very own licensed pharmaceutical producers, Herb Approach is committed to providing high quality medicine. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included with all of their products.

Now you can have shatter and wax delivered right to your door!

Everything from pre-rolled joints to Edibles is at the tips of your fingers. You can also rest assured that the days of seeds & stems are over. Their focus is on providing a holistic and natural experience of Canadian cannabis. The team at Herb Approach has been studying, supplying, and refining the cannabis industry for over 15 years and hold their suppliers to the highest level of standards when it comes to marijuana. Order your Cannabis Today and save some green with our Herb Approach coupon codes and discounts.

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Are you looking for a cannabis dispensary you can trust in Canada?

The chances are that you have heard about the health benefits of cannabis, and now you are ready to get some weed products for your consumption. However, you are stuck because you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money, with the increased use of technologies, scammers are all over, you know. At the same time, you want to get the best quality of cannabis and get value for your money.

Did somebody recommend Herb Approach?

Well, they were on to something. Herb Approach is one of the many online cannabis dispensaries in Canada to purchase your Weed & CBD products. It is among the original dispensaries selling high-quality and safe products, with a rich experience of a number of years in the marijuana business.

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Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

Are you still doubting Herb Approach?

Don’t worry because we will break it down for you, from the design of their online site to the ease of navigating and shopping to the great cannabis products they offer.

About Herb Approach

Before we provide you with a third eye review about the Herb Approach dispensary, let us give you a bit of general information about it. Herb Approach is a Canada based cannabis dispensary. It is an online seller and specializes in Mail Order Marijuana. This means that you can purchase cannabis products easily while seated on your couch. The business provides a wide selection of cannabis products, including cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, CBD Oil products, tinctures, and several other cannabis-related products.

Now, let us give you a review of this cannabis dispensary in Canada.

Ordering Weed Online at Herb Approach
Ordering Weed Online at Herb Approach

Herb Approach Website

Herb Approach is interesting, making it entertaining when you search the brands history. The online site is well spread out, easy to navigate and reliable. You will locate what you are looking for easily and when you search by brand, you can easily find every cannabis brand they support. The shop provides a portfolio of these brands. It is secure and safe, making it a trustworthy website.

Herb Approach Logo
Herb Approach Website

Customer Service

Herb Approach, Canada, is the home of excellent customer services. Customer satisfaction is at the top position of the brand’s priorities. At this dispensary, you will receive the best services from the best team. Several shoppers have posted positive reviews on different online platforms. Your experience here will be great. One of the best things about this dispensary is its great way of handling complaints from its clients. If you receive a defective product, which rarely happens with Herb Approach, the company swings into action swiftly to help you resolve your problem. All you need to do is to contact them using a video or picture demonstrating the problem with the item. You should do this within 48 hours of receiving your product. So, make sure you have checked your item as soon as you receive it to ensure it is not defective. Alongside the picture or video, provide the order number, name of the detective item, and details outlining the exact issue. Unfortunately, the dispensary does not offer refunds in cash but in the form of points or store credit.


You can register to become a member of Herb Approach. The registration is easy and simple. All you need is an email, a password, a copy of your government-issued photo ID, and a selfie photo of you holding your ID (Blackout everything but date of birth). It will take you less than five minutes to register, and your account will be approved within 48 hours.

The good news is, once you register at Herb Approach, you will receive 500 bonus points, equivalent to $25 FREE CREDIT. You can use the points to make purchases at the shop. As a member, you will also be earning points every time you buy items from Herb Approach, Canada.

Products Offered by Herb Approach

The dispensary holds a wide range of products for your selection. It has high-quality products sourced from the most reputable suppliers. The company’s buds are of high quality. You will get lots of full ounces and big portions of an ounce on sale. You can easily browse the company’s selection from top producers in Canada to find the best deals. 

Herb Approach Cannabis Selection
Herb Approach Cannabis Selection

The company has a wide range of weed strains you can choose from. We sampled some of these strains, and we confess that they have the best quality there is in the market. You will get value for your money if you buy high-quality weed flowers from them.

If you don’t like smoking, you can get other products, including edibles and CBD oils. If you want to vape, this dispensary has a broad range of vape pens to meet your vaping needs. 

The company also has a wide range of concentrates from top brands in Canada. You can get concentrates in several forms, including shatter, hash, wax, oils, and Phoenix Tears. Some sampled their shatter brands, and say the experience was heavenly.

How is the Herb Approach Weed?

Budget Buds are Herb Approach’s Cannabis Value Menu .  They hold our quality to the highest level of standard so don’t be fooled by the name.  In this section you will be able to find some of the best discount deals for cheap weed. From AAAA ounces of popcorn to AA grade quality of your most favorite strains, the pricing of these discount buds are based on their own grading system which they consider to be Budget Buds or Cheap Weed. While the grading system is still completely subjective, the one we use is respected among experienced experts in cannabis is the A-AAAA grading system. We do not offer anything less than AAA within our main store and therefore, here you will be able to find lower grade cannabis, as well as AAAA popcorn size nugs of your favorite strains. Feel free to compare Herb Approach to other Dispensaries.

Can Herb Approach Ship in my Area?

While you may have decided that Herb Approach is one of the best cannabis dispensaries to meet your everyday cannabis needs, it may be important to ensure that the company ships to your area. Among the strengths of this company is that it can ship to several areas in Canada. Regardless of your location, provided you are within the Canadian territories, Herb Approach can ship. 

Discrete & Fast Shipping
Discrete & Fast Shipping

Herb Approach ships to Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest territories.

The company also ships to Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Victoria, Moncton, Charlottetown, St. John’s, Fredericton, Regina, Saskatoon, Quebec City, Calgary, and Montreal. In essence, if you live in any part of Canada, you can have items delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping Fees

For orders above $150, you won’t pay a dime for shipping; Unfortunately, if your orders are below $150, you will have to part with $15 as shipping fees. They feel that the shipping fees are reasonable compared to what other dispensaries charge. The best part here is that the company does not include tax with their orders. So, you will save on your budget, especially if combined with Coupon Codes for further discounts at checkout.

Is it Easy to Make an Order at Herb Approach?

One thing we have realized about Herb Approach is the ease with which you can order products on their vendor site. However, you can only make a minimum of 100 dollars order. Nonetheless, it is super easy to make your order in a few simple steps. You begin by filling out the company’s registration form here. Then browse the company’s premium selection of weed products from Canada’s top producers at here before adding the products of your choice into your cart. Check out here and pay for your products using Interac e-Transfer or Bitcoins. You will then receive a tracking number for your order once your payment has been confirmed.

Credit Card NOT Accepted
Credit Card NOT Accepted

You can trust this company to have your package delivered within two to five business days. However, it may take a bit longer to get your items delivered if you live in a remote area. 

The company has been in business for over 15 years now and has built a reputation of being the leading trustworthy business. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. Thankfully you can always track the progress of your order. Once you are done paying for your order, you can check the status of your order here

Trust Your Privacy with Discrete & Secure Solutions

If you care about your privacy, then this is the company of your choice. The professionals at Herb Approach ensure that your order is not only packaged with care and vacuumsealed but also protects your privacy. The company uses mailers that are discreet and secure. In particular, the company ships through Canada Post, which is a highly reputable mailer in Canada. We have ordered severally from them, and we have never had an experience where the details of our order have been shared with third parties.

Marijuana Medical Fast Shipping  Express Delivery OnLine  cannabis delivery stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

One more thing that stands out with this online cannabis dispensary is the option of Insured Shipping. This choice ensures that the cost of your order is not lost if the mailer encounters any problem while shipping your package. Once the mailing company concludes that your order cannot be delivered, has been stolen or lost, Herb Approach will issue you a credit for the entire amount of your package. The downside here is that you won’t recover the shipping and insurance costs. However, you can get one replacement package sent to you as an alternative. Unfortunately, insurance is not added to the credit reimbursement or replacement package. We feel that the deal is fair because losing a package worth hundreds of dollars is more painful than losing a small amount in terms of shipping fees and insurance.

Herb Approach serves all of Canada and all provinces!

If you are in Nunavut, Yukon, Northern Quebec, and Northwest Territories, you may not benefit from Insured Shipping. We hope that the company will soon provide this service to customers living in these areas. Of course, we know we all want to have our packages insured but some areas are too remote to get insurance

Does the Dispensary Allow you to Save Money?

We all want to save every penny we can. Whenever you go shopping, you will be on the lookout for deals to save as much as you can; from discounts to reduced prices to value packs. It is not any different from buying items from cannabis dispensaries. One of the things you will definitely look out for is a shop that allows you to save as much as possible.

Dispensary Deals
Dispensary Deals

The good news is that with Herb Approach, you are guaranteed to save on your finances. Whenever you make large bulk purchases, over $150, you will save on your shipping costs. 

Additionally, you can always get discounts on your order. Always be on the lookout for the right coupon code that you can utilize to get in incredible discounts. With weed coupons, you are assured of saving a lot of money on recurring orders. Herb Approach also offers Daily Weed Deals as well as occasional flash sales. With these, you can save between 30% and 50% on flower, concentrates, CBD products, edibles, vape pens, and many more. You can take advantage of these deals and flash sales to buy the products you desire at reasonable prices and make great savings. Make sure you view Herb Approach Coupons before you visit their site to get the latest promotions and deals to guarantee you great savings when buying cannabis and associated products online. 

Herb Approach Dispensary Weed Reviews

Herb Approach Review 2022

Herb Approach Mail order Marijuana

Purple Banana Breath Cannabis Strain Review

The first time I saw this Purple Banana Breath Strain, I thought it was really beautiful and couldn’t wait to post a Herb Approach Unboxing Review! Well manicured tightly spongy, moist, colorful buds. When broken open, I notice dark greens, light purples, and golden copper. Light orange hairs are carpeted on top of crystals, crystal trichomes and furry gleaming trichomes.

Purple Banana Breath Strain at Herb Approach

The smell initially comes off as earthy and sweet with a touch of creamy candy. Nice taste! With a little bit of sourness, it’s earthy and sweet. Burn is a little harsh(due to the potency of the herb) but it’s slow, resinous, and has a salt and pepper ash! There’s something potent about this herb!

Brainy and strong, highs are cerebral. The whole body feels relaxed and my head and eyes are heavy, I feel happy/euphoric, relaxed, slightly dazed and I am drifting as I’m writing (Goonies movie playing in the background) Great herb overall! There was a decent taste to it. I’m very buzzed. Smoking at night or as a sleep aid is great with this!

Park Fire OG Strain Review

Park fire OG

These buds are purpled out and have fire orange hairs, and they are covered in a thick layer of amber trichomes. Shaped like an olive and having a stone-hard density. Cure and trim expectionally. It is very easy to burst, but not dry. It has a loud, sweet, piney, herbal smell.

Smoking Parkfire OG gave me a sweet, creamy fruity taste, with a hint of wood. There was a subtle and smooth smoke in the air. The burn was slow, even, and continuous in a joint, overall a perfect burn. The ringer earlier was thickly greased. There was a lot of white ash on the joint.

This showed to be highly potent, an indication of dominance. In the first few moments following a cigarette, I felt cerebral and focused. I enjoyed some europhia and relaxed. Eventually, I felt very lazy and my head was hazy. My body felt relaxed and couch-locked. Get 25% OFF Coupon for Park Fire OG!

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Herb Approach Coupons

La Beatnik Strain Review

La Beatnik Cannabis Strain

The lime green buds are tight and spongy, moist but crispy, and covered in tiny orange patches of hair! Upon breaking open the coating reveals nice trichomes that look like mini furry diamonds when broken open! It smells very well and is very unique! LA Beatnik is the Hollywood lovechild of powerful Kush Mint and Seed Junky OG strains.

The smell is citrus orange, cherries and some gas, but translates into red wine! I like the taste! Earthy, sweet, creamy vanilla, and with hints of diesel! Smooth resinous burn with a small oil drop about 1/4 of the way into the joint (1.5g) with a salty and peppery ash.

This herb is very potent! My stomach is churning as I sink onto the couch. While I write, I feel relaxed, euphoric/happy and slightly spaced out. Herb overall is great! Tasted great, smelled great, and had me pretty elevated! You can use this herb as a sleep aid or to smoke at night!

Rainbow Kush Mints Cannabis Strain Review

Rainbow Kush Mints Cannabis Strain

The color is white green due to the thick trichomes, making it look caked out and sparkling. There was a bit of purple hueing. The smell was an intoxicating mix of citrus fruits and nutty spices. A perfect cut and a perfect cure. There is nothing to be concerned about with Rainbow Kush Mints Strain. The taste is Fresh sour & sweet fruitiness with fairly strong mint undertones.

In a joint, burn done in an expectional manner, being slow and continuous as it burns the whole way through a joint. An oil ringer occurred earlier. Mostly white ash covered the ground.

The potency of this hybrid is between medium and high, indicating it is a dominant variety.

Upon stepping into the room, my mind was filled with a strong europhia and I was freed from any negative thoughts. I didn’t feel like doing much physical activity since I was so relaxed. I felt heavy, but pain free, as though my body was numbed.

Florida Sundea Cannabis Strain Review

Florida Sundea Cannabis Strain Review

Florida Sundea Cannabis

It’s tight, slightly spongy, moist, and well manicured with a bright lime green with copper hints, covered in thick patches of dark orange hair with crystal trichomes and crystals.

Sweet orange citrus candy with a refreshing taste. I’m getting a taste of sweet, creamery earthy with a hint of citrus orange that lingers on my palate. The burn was smooth, slightly resinous, and had a nice white almost carbonized ash. With heavy eyes and cerebral effects, but alert and upbeat, this high is relaxing and cerebral.

It’s 2 a.m., but I’m still awake and ready to play even though my couch is locked. Florida Sundae overall is great! The taste was excellent, the potency was great and I felt great afterward! It’s a great herb for evening/night-time smoking!

Lemon Assorted Gummies by Sugarjacks

Lemon Assorted Gummies by Sugarjacks
Lemon Assorted Gummies by Sugarjacks

Visual/Texture – These SugarJack THC Gummies at Herb Approach are super soft, fresh, with a squishable texture. They come with some uniquely shaped molds, all with the “SJ” emblem sitting in the center of each. Very easy to identify shapes; wrapped candy, cupcake, cola bottle, moustache, and a chef’s hat. Bright yellow in color, and each topped off with a fine sugary layer, they are some of the Best THC Gummy Edibles in Canada!

Lemon THC Gummies by Sugarjacks

Flavour – Lemon normally not my favorite flavour when it comes to candy but these have a delicious lemon meringue infused taste. These soft candies although easy to chew, I found them a little difficult to bite into pieces. Initially tasting great, with a slight bitterness surfacing after consumption.

Potency the bag containing 10 THC gummies, sitting on 20mgs a pop, I decided to down half the bag. Rounding the 40 minute mark there’s an impact felt directly behind the eyes, while instantly experiencing a heightened euphoria, and sent floating to a blissful state. Energy fades as the high moves on, sending a warming feeling of relaxation over the entire body, dispersing any remaining pain and motivation. Better left for consuming during the evening, these definitely provide an assisted sedation.

Lemon Sugarjacks THC Gummies
Lemon Sugarjacks THC Gummies

Super Afghan Hash

Super Afghan Hash
Super Afghan Hash

Texture/Visual – medium chocolatey hue on the surface, revealing a light caramel interior once split apart, and the eminence of the golden stamp still visible. Pliable with a softened puddy texture, easily able to manipulate to any shape to conveniently suite whatever method chosen to smoke.

Smoke – drawing in smooth hauls that have a taste consistent of sweet herbal earthiness. Combustion & a clean ash light greyish white, and staying cherried up when smoked on its own.

High – this Super Afghan Hash brings on a mellowing stone, that slowly eases a feeling of warming relaxation over the entire body. A mood increased euphoria along with a cerebral enhancing head high, which opens up creativity, and engages focus. Experiencing an overall calmness in both mind and body, this hash will leave you feeling chill while lacking any sort of motivation.

Get your orders ready and stock up on Herb Approach Canadian Dispensary coupon codes for your next cannabis purchase online.

Looking for Dispensary Coupon Codes?

At 420Hubs, we verify coupons and discounts for all Online Dispensaries in Canada, including Herb Approach. You can count on 420Hubs to bring you the best and freshest deals at Herb Approach.

How to use Coupon Codes:

Nothing easier than getting your coupon added to your cart, you just need to follow the next steps:

  • Step 1: Search all your products from Herb Approach that you want to buy.
  • Step 2: Visit 420Hubs and search for Herb Approach Coupon Codes.
  • Step 3: Just click on the Coupon button for your coupon code to be visible and copied. You will be redirected directly to Herb Approach Dispensary website.
  • Step 4: When you are on the cart page, you can paste (Ctrl+V) the coupon in the designated area.
  • Step 5: Verify that the coupon or offer has been added properly and your cart is updated.
  • Step 6: Now finish the checkout process at Herb Approach.

Final Review Thoughts

Herb Approach Canada Review 2022
Herb Approach Canada Review 2022

Overall, we can conclude that the Canadian MoM cannabis dispensary, Herb Approach, is one of the best and most trusted online shops that will ensure you get value for your money. The company prides itself on more than 15 years of experience in the weed business. Its customer care team will ensure that you get the best experience while shopping with them. The company remains true to its mission of providing the bestquality cannabis and related products, guaranteeing you 100% satisfaction. For this reason, we do continue to recommend this company into 2022 if you intend to review available cannabis products. 

Top Reasons to Check out Herb Approach Dispensary

Additional reasons you should get products from the Canadian MoM dispensary are:

  • Great deals and discounts that allow you to make incredible savings from your purchases
  • You gain points on registration, which you can use to make purchases
  • Registration as a member is quite simple
  • The company ships to any part of Canada, and you can get your order within two to five days of ordering.
  • Your privacy is protected because the brand uses a reputable and discrete mailing company.
  • You can enhance the security of your package by insuring it
  • You incur minimum costs because orders above $150 are shipped free of charge. Additionally, taxes are not included in the shipping fees
  • The vendor page is secure, safe, and easy to use

While Herb Approach is characterized by several good features, there is an area that it needs to improve to make the experience even better. It should ensure that everyone, regardless of the shipping location, gets to enjoy the Insured Shipping service.  

This downside notwithstanding, Herb Approach is an incredible cannabis dispensary. Register today and start enjoying all the 420 goodies that come with making purchases in this leading online cannabis shop in the nation. 

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Herb Approach Reviews

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