LA Kush & LA Kush Cake Cannabis Review

LA Kush, also known as “Los Angeles Kush,” is a hybrid marijuana strain with obscure genetic origins. Los Angeles Kush is generally understood to be a variety of OG Kush, and possibly a sub variant of Abusive OG. Regardless of the mystery, this Cannabis strain appears as an earthy mix of pine and menthol. The positive effects of this product lift your spirits and relax sore muscles. LA Kush is the perfect place to go if you are looking to relieve stress or inspire creativity. It is named after Los Angeles, California, where it was originated.

LA Kush Strain
LA Kush Strain

About LA Kush Strain

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It’s no coincidence the Golden State is known for its sunny days, tanned bodies, and is a little piece of heaven on earth. LA-Kush will make you feel like the sun is on your shoulders and California gold is at your fingertips with its happy and light high.

What is the LA Kush THC Level?

THC Levels in the Cannabis Strain ‘LA Kush’ are typically around 20%

Los Angeles Kush is a hybrid with uncertain roots that was born and raised in the city. The strain’s origins have been attributed to a cross of OG Kush and Abusive OG, but others claim it is much older than that. It does not contain the same amount of THC as OG Los Angeles Kush.

About LA Kush Strain
LA-Kush Strain Effects

LA Kush averages 20% THC, and its 80/20 blend of indica and sativa gives users a very strong, albeit body-heavy high. Green and earthy, with menthol notes and pine aromas, these nugs offer both menthol and pine. In this type of atmosphere, the smoke is cooling and puts you in the right frame of mind for work.

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Its indica-dominant genetics allow users to enjoy the body buzz of a sativa without going into that vegetative euphoria sometimes induced by this cross. Upon inhaling Los Angeles Kush, you will feel energized, motivated and just plain happy. During your high and as you progress to your body high, you will experience waves of fatigue. Though this high is known for being upbeat from beginning to end, do not be concerned about slumping.

This strain’s mood-raising properties make it great for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. A lot of people enjoy LA Kush for its ability to relax them and provide a soothing effect. Smokers will appreciate that the device does not hinder their performance and can be used anytime. It is also excellent for mild aches and pains, as well as for reducing muscle soreness. A few users have even experienced relief from mild cases of appetite loss.

About LA Kush Strain Effects
LA Kush Strain Effects

This plant has a wonderful aroma and a glossy appearance, which are factors the growers love. The amber colored hairs and frosty trichomes cover each bud at full maturity, giving it a minty scent great for indoor systems. Ideally suited for intermediate or advanced growers, this bush blooms indoors or outdoors between 7 and 9 weeks after planting.

Every now and then, you encounter a strain that just makes you want to sing. LA Kush is surely one of those strains. A indica strain with all the benefits of a heady high, but none of the downsides of being heavy. An indica strain with all the benefits of a heady high without the headaches in many cases. This combination is sure to be a fan favorite.

 LA Kush -  LA Kush Cake Genetics
LA Kush – LA Kush Cake Genetics

LA Kush Cake AAA Strain

In LA Kush Cake, Seed Junky Genetics crossed a favorite dessert strain with Wedding Cake. There’s no doubt this rising star is a force to be reckoned with along the West Coast.

What is the thc level of LA Kush Cake?

The THC Level of LA Kush Cake is between 25% – 30%

THC: 25-30%
FLAVOURS: Sweet, skunk, diesel, vanilla, spice, earthy
EFFECTS: Relaxed, euphoric, sleepy

Here is a brand new and exciting marijuana strain that’s 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Hybrid strain, LA Kush Cake. It should not be confused with strains like LA Cake or LAKush. You will definitely feel relaxed after taking a hit from this potent and tasty strain, which contains up to 25% THC.  

LA Kush Cake Strain
LA Kush Cake AAA Strain

Appearance & Aroma

Buds are tightly packed, and the leaves are pale green with brilliant shades of deeper greens and dark purples. It is due to the thick coating of crystal trichomes that these deeper colours appear more vivid. Cannabis enthusiasts who like the naturally pungent and musky skunk of marijuana are sure to enjoy this strain.

LA Kush Cake is a descendant of the OG family, presenting that classic pungent, classic taste that cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with. The cakey sugary flavour is balanced by notes of cream and cookies. The aroma is as powerful as its high, which is intense and enticing!

Effects & Benefits

While enjoying this Cannabis strain, both novices and experienced cannabis users may struggle to keep their eyes open. Los Angeles Cake is known for its high and delicious flavour, making it impossible for anyone to resist. With a numbing effect that rushes through the mind, the feelings of upliftment are followed by a feeling of relaxation. In no time at all, the body will also begin to settle into a sedative state, quickly becoming sleepy enough to send users dozing off.

In light of these effects, LA Kush Cake is recommended to treat conditions such as mood swings, depression, chronic stress, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

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Also known as “Los Angeles Kush Cake” and “LA Kush Cake #11,” this strain is a marijuana hybrid. From Liberty Health Sciences and Seed Junky Genetics comes this cross of the popular wedding cake and mint strains. Indica-dominant strain smells like vanilla and tastes like peppermint earth. Smooth, easy to hit and takes some time for effects to appear. Beautiful green, purple, and frosty trichomes cover the buds of this flower. When the night is over, it’s perfect for relaxing and winding down.


LA Kush Cake from the team at Tantalus Labs is a hybrid strain with high THC potential that was created by mixing Kush Mints with Wedding Cake.

LA Kush Cake
Strain Review

LAKushCake (sometimes called Los Angeles Kush Cake) is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing Wedding Cake with Kush Mints. This strain is known for it’s strong vanilla smell with earthy peppermint flavour and high levels of THC.

This Weed strain is a caked out hybrid strain bred from combining Kush Mints and Wedding Cake.

LA Kush Cake
Los Angeles Kush Cake

The Tantalus curation of LA Kush Cake was selected from a cake leaning phenotype during a larger than average seed hunt. It carries a classic OG taste of gas and diesel, along with subtle sour notes. The flower is dense green with hints of purple, and true to its name, large nugs are caked up with frost. Some have Voted this Cannabis strain as a top 10 strain and enjoy using Coupon Codes to save money on their next ounce purchase! Take a look at other Dope Strains if you’re not interested in this strain.

LA Kush Cake Genetic Lineage

  • L.A. Kush Cake
    • Wedding Cake
      • Triangle Kush
      • Animal Mints
    • Kush Mints
      • Bubba Kush
      • Animal Mints
LA Kush Cake Terpene Profile
LA Kush Terpene Profile
Terpene Profile
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Nerolidol
  • Myrcene

LA Kush Cake Strain Reviews